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  1. Where are you traveling from? I just received an email to access my “edocs”. That makes this adventure so much more exciting. Packing is going to be a chore. Lol
  2. Thank you so much JoAnne! I can't wait....I have some reading to do now. Do we cross paths on our cruises?
  3. Thanks so much for replying JoAnne. I can hardly wait (T-69 days). I would greatly appreciate your time to scan and post the dailies. I don't want to ruin the surprises for myself but I like to be prepared and I want to get as much in as possible. I'll need a vacation afterward. Thanks again Joan
  4. It was a delight to read your review Projecthandbag! I am heading on a 11 night from Venice this July. You wouldn’t happen to have your Freestyle Daily newsletters that you could share to give an idea of the activities/schedules? I’m new to cruising and a little over cautious and prepared. I hail from New Brunswick and have a long flight ahead like you did. I also over pack and need to learn to travel light. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Joan (Canadian neighbor)
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