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  1. So if a cocktail is 10.95 and I have pre-purchased the SBP I can have this option without incurring additional charges ? Scotslizzy
  2. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your reviews. We will be on our first HAL cruise in September and this really does give a flavour of what to expect, although I appreciate that Nieuw Statendam will be a wee bit different. Looking forward to the next instalment. Cheers Scotslizzy
  3. Couple of questions ; 1 We like a cocktail before dinner and wonder is there is any music in any of the lounges (piano player or solo guitarist) to listen to . Sort of background music for atmosphere on the Nieuw Statendam .I have read and now familiar with the music walk area but that seems to be after dinner. 2.Late night coffee and brandy, what lounges or is the coffee shop area still open around midnight. Thanks Scotslizzy
  4. Great review and looking forward to our cruise in Sept even more. We have pre-booked two speciality restaurants as we wanted specific dining times. But my question is, does HAL offer last minute discounts for their speciality restaurant's whilst on board the cruise? Celebrity does this quite a lot and we have taken advantage of this in the past . Thanks Scotslizzy
  5. Marvellous keep the picture's coming please. Sept not that far off now for us! Scotslizzy
  6. What a great review and as we are sailing on NS in Sept it just brings it that much closer ! Scotslizzy
  7. Thanks to all the replies. We do not sail until Sept so still time toe consider. Scotslizzy
  8. Drink Package Question We are still not decided on the drinks package for both of us and was surprised about the restriction on both parties have to purchase the drinks package or not at all. But I notice they have a card you can purchase for 250 dollars .So can this card be used for all types of drink including tea and coffee in the dutch café ? Ideally my husband would use the beverage package and I would get the card for the smaller amount but I guess that is a no no. Any help with this one ? Thanks Scotslizzy
  9. I posted about prepaid gratuities recently. We have paid ours and it show up on the invoice. We booked directly with Holland America in the UK if this helps. Scotslizzy
  10. Yes you can as we only booked last month and pre-paid our tips. We booked direct with Holland America in the UK. Scotslizzy
  11. One more question on dining .Is there any way of finding out what nights are gala nights on the ship plus any other we should avoid booking a speciality restaurant?. We have along tour on one day so will avoid that night but I keep reading about some Orange party night and wondered if this is another night to avoid booking ? Thanks Scotslizzy
  12. Thank you all for your comments. I guess the speciality package is not for us then . Better get booking then ! Scotslizzy
  13. Dining package question ; Do you have to go to each restaurant suggested or can you double book for example Tamarind ? Still undecided about whether to pre purchase the package or just decide when we get on the Ship Nieuw Statendam . Scotslizzy
  14. Thank you to all who replied. We will def book the two restaurant's we want and then wait until we get onboard to see if there are any offers before deciding on the others or even revisit Tamarind which really appeals to us. Cheers Scotslizzy
  15. Thanks for the replies. Guess I will book the restaurant's we would like to dine in before we board. A supplementary question now, do HAL offer reductions on some nights like Celebrity to entice people to book their restaurant's ? Scotslizzy
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