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  1. Makes perfect sense to book another hotel and claim the credit. We were looking at booking on the riviera instead of downtown Athens, though our travel agent is discouraging us from doing this. She said it’s better to stick to the hotel allotted by regent as outside Athens, people only speak Greek and communication in English would be tough. Is that true?
  2. Wanted to book the new four seasons hotel on the riviera instead of Athens downtown. Hotels in the main city seems more of a tourist trap and seriously overpriced for a cubby hole view of the acropolis. But the travel agent told us outside Athens, people speak only Greek and communication will be difficult. Is this true?
  3. Thanks for the advise...it’s in Athens where hotel rooms actually seem smaller than cruise cabins
  4. Is it better to stay in the pre cruise hotel organised by regent? The hotel room being provided is not really the best but they do offer transfer to the port. Though if it’s more than one night, would rather stay in a more comfortable hotel and organise our own transport.
  5. Thanks, will check these out. Looks like there’s a lot to see. Has anyone tried the Dora Stratou dance theatre?
  6. If you have 48 hours in Athens, would you stay at the riviera or in the main city?
  7. Got the divani palace but heard it’s really bad. Any thoughts where to stay?
  8. Travelling in mid September, got 2 days pre cruise - what can be done by day and by night that doesn’t involve long drives ( apart from the historical stuff) i read there’s a thermal lake Vouliagmeni where you can swim. Has anyone tried this? any good outdoor singing\dancing shows in the evenings?
  9. I’ve not seen any posts about the spas onboard. Will be going on the voyager for 10 days with 1 sea day, anything worth budgeting for at the spa?
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