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  1. there are new user who maybe would not see my original post and I didn't get alot of orgnization advice on my first post so sorry it bothers you but ot each their own.i felt like in the first post what would you do before we booked. now we are booked and im trying to figure out how to organize without huring feels or being over whelmed
  2. yep and the one who had to have the ov is sleeping on the bunk. i made it very clear i was taking one of the twin beads.
  3. sure do let me add the one that said she could not do total darkeness wont eat at fast food either. cruising in jan on the valor
  4. 3 girlfriends and myself are sharing a ov room. Anyone have any organization or general advice. Trust me I explanined how tight it would be and they opted to get one ov room vs 2 inside rooms. Our budget did not allow 2 ov rooms. I will be using the spa to shower and get ready in. But I am by far the lowest maintenance one going( like i usuallly let my hair airdry its very thin)
  5. we are booked!! in a ov room right now 1/18-1/23. would like to change to 1/13-1/18 a friend booked it on her computer and missed it calling in the morning
  6. no we are in a ocean view and the one person who wanted the ocean view knows it is a bunk and that she will get the bunk. i made it perfectly clear I was going to have one of the two real beds
  7. thanks for this tip. I will have 4 fifty yr olds in a room. was hoping we could do this
  8. thank you Essiesmom. We are indeed on the Carnival Valor. We got together mon night and I believe we are going to book very soon for jan 13-18.
  9. thanks everyone for your imput. I sent the other 3 girls a viedo of what the room looks like with 4 beds. we have decided to go with a ocean view room. early jan 2020. we will all turn 50 between ovt 2019 and feb 2020
  10. Has anyone been to mr sanchos? pros/cons? for four women celebrating turning 50.
  11. 3 girlfriends and myself are planning a cruise to celebrate turning 50. I was thinking 2 interior rooms. however one of the girls says I need daylight to wake up an alarm won't be enough for me. So now we are looking at all four of us staying in a balcony room on the valor. We are on a tight budget. They know someone will have to sleep on a upper. I am not ok on s bunk and made that clear but 2 of the other 3 are ok with that and are going to work it out between the two of them. I am pretty low maintainance. Is this doable. we are planing on driving from stl to nolo.
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