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  1. The ship arrives at 8 in the morning and leaves at 6pm, all aboard at 5,30 max, so better to leave Rome no later than 3,40pm. Train from Civitavecchia takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes
  2. As far as I know the drop off point is at Piazza del Popolo, but I suggest you to take the train from Civitavecchia to Rome S. Pietro, is faster and much much cheaper, return ticket is 9 euro per person. There is a bus from Civitavecchia port to train station which costs 2 euro per person.
  3. Time for a quick review! Went from 4 to 11, first cruise ever. The ship is massive, I have to say that the pictures do not give the idea of its actual size. 3 full days to learn the exact way to our cabin, The corridor to the cabins reminded me the one in the Overlook Hotel in Shining, a bit creepy and long but after a while I got used to it. The atrium is magnificent, perfect to attract people, but actually all the parties that were organized there were quite boring to us, we spent most of our evenings chilling and having fun at the Haven's lounge, also thanks to a fantastic Barman and our favourite and friendly waitress, we took a photo with them and we are still in contact. We liked the shows in the theatre, a good mix of music, art and not easy to do 3 times per day a different show, so high five for the art team. I've read in some forums British, Americans, Irish and so on complaining about a ship "too Italian" and Italians complaining "it's too international". I am Italian, living in Ireland, I can say that the ship was a good mix of both in terms on spoken languages and activities on board. We enjoyed all the tematic restaurant, and I can say that the Butcher's Cut was my favourite, with the Asian Market just close to it, a bit away the Ocean's Cay but this restaurant will stay in our memories as we got engaged there! (and got Prosecco for free because of that). Any questions or ideas to share, happy to chat about! We seriously think to have a cruise for honeymoon now, not sure if on Seaview or with some other ship
  4. I can tell you how it works in Italy, despite life in the ship is a world apart. In Italy tipping is basically illegal, because it is considered as an additional income made to do not pay taxes and cheating. In the most turistic locations tipping is used, but mostly happens in the way "take the tip and hide it" without being seen, or pretending to forget the change on the table in the restaurant. Msc recommend to do not tip as "service quotas" will be automatically added but I think you can ask this to be removed, my opinion is that I will tip individually in case, and do not see anything bad in this, maybe because I don't live in Italy anymore.
  5. I've just mailed mscclub, with screenshots and detailed issue. The next step will be to give them the source code to fix that lol. Let's see what happens!
  6. Hi to all, Me and my girlfriend will go on our first cruise with MSC Seaview in May, all good, all booked, but that website... ARGH! I tried many times to update my data on the website (the irish one, we live in Ireland), click on Save... and I still result Polish (I am actually italian, my girlfriend is Polish). MSC Voyager Club: 3 different browsers, I am updating the data, added address info, click on Next Step, and nothing happens. Tried with 3 browsers, 3 different devices, no luck. I completed the web-check in and got a link to update the voyager club data, which points to a fantastic 404 page not found link. I know, I could call them, but why call them if (ideally) I can do it on my own? Anyone with similar issues that can share some tip (or some anger)? Bye!
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