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  1. Hopefully the Pride to Bermuda 10/4/2020 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Just got the Deluxe package for our Freedom cruise in October for $41pp per day. We’ll drink that by mid week [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Freedom is a great ship. Sailing on her again in October (hopefully) doing the Southern Caribbean out of San Juan. Looking forward to the “amped” features we enjoyed on the Navigator a few months ago. She won’t be sailing that route July 2021 as she will be in Cape Liberty for the season, but maybe try jumping on one of the Bermuda runs. We’re gonna book her again for next fall (October) to Bermuda before she goes back to San Juan. BTW-Forked River here. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Navigator 100%. The Liberty may have been nice when it was newer, but when I sailed on it a few years ago it was a dirty, smelly, floating rust-bucket. You couldn’t pay me to cruise on it again. Was on the Navigator last week and found it hard to believe that she is as old as she is. Beautiful ship and she looks brand new!
  5. 0. That’s ZERO! Looking at Allure right now and will be boarding in a few hours!!
  6. We walked down to the Southernmost Point, stopped by the butterfly sanctuary. Then we walked back towards the port and stopped in Sloppy Joes For a few drinks. Went to Kermit’s for the chocolate dipped key lime pie, then went back to the ship.
  7. Liberty - was a floating rust bucket. Hated the cruise. Rude staff. Rude passengers. Dirty ship. Food sucked. Just a BAD cruise. Couldn’t wait for it to end. Glory - didn’t hate it, but it was the least memorable of all the cruises I’ve been on. It was a good cruise, just not a great cruise. Pride - was convenient to sail out of Baltimore and not have to fly, but again I was not impressed. Which is strange cause I absolutely loved the Miracle. I liked the Breeze, Victory, Miracle, & Freedom the most, but would probably only sail the Breeze again.
  8. Been on both ships. Was very underwhelmed by the Glory. There was nothing wrong with it, It was just...meh. Absolutely loved the Freedom of the Seas. Wish I had tried Royal earlier. Even without the Southern itinerary, still IMO a much nicer ship.
  9. I am Platinum on Carnival. Became Platinum by doing 10 cruises in 6 years. . Since then I have only gone on 3 or so. Has nothing to do with FTTF or the Platinum gift. I just realized I wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I used too. And like someone else posted, the newer cruisers. It’s not a race thing as one poster may have suggested. I don’t care who goes on a cruise. It’s not an age thing...I’ll chat with anyone. It’s just that on my last 3 Carnival cruises there have been too many instances of rudeness by fellow passengers of all ethnicities and ages. It’s almost as if all social skills disappeared as soon as they embarked. It was like being in line at Walmart on Black Friday with the pushing, shoving, & cutting in line. I would chalk it up to a bad cruise, but 3 in a row? Haven’t had that problem yet on other cruise lines which is why Carnival is not my first choice anymore.
  10. Happened to us on Freedom last year. There we were enjoying our sea day drinking pina coladas and listening to the band. Then someone crapped in the pool...
  11. I’m on the Anthem right now and was able to get Evian (large bottles). Haven’t seen/asked at any bars, but was one of the choices and included in drink package when walking off the ship at the gangway.
  12. I guess it was a website glitch. Price dropped back down. This is more like it.
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