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  1. We sailed Freedom in October. The chairs on our balcony did not recline, as far as I recall. You can board the ship early. We boarded around 11 or so. While there is no Central Park or Boardwalk, there is a very nice Promenade. Haven’t been on Oasis class yet (later this year) so can’t compare, but have sailed Freedom twice and absolutely love her.
  2. Unless it has changed in the last few years, there is a coffee shop/cafe on the Promenade that serves Starbucks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Just off Liberty this past week and for Bluetooth speakers. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. A friend coming with us next weekend on the Liberty was able to book FTTF today. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. I sure hope the 6 drink limit isn't true. My wife and I consume way more than that on vacation...especially sea days! We always make sure to get our $$$ worth! Typical day for us: Mimosa or 2 with breakfast About 10 pina coladas each while relaxing by the pool Glass of wine while getting ready for dinner Glass of wine with dinner A few rum & cokes and/or beers at the bars in the evenings Of course there will be some water in there as well. Gotta stay hydrated!
  6. Holiday Inn Port of Miami. Fairly reasonable and right across the street from Bayside Market. Have stayed there before and am doing so again before our upcoming cruise.
  7. 11 cruises with Carnival all booked direct either online, with PVP, or on board. Have never received an upgrade or upsell offer either by phone or email. Guess it's just luck of the draw.
  8. Don't care about the chocolates or robes. Like the towel animals, but most cruise lines have them. Enjoy getting my platinum reward when I sail and hope to continue doing so. I won't leave Carnival for getting rid of one or two of these things, but combined that is a lot of cutbacks. I tried Royal last year because Carnival got rid of the calypso bands/trios at sail away and replaced them with a DJ. Royal still has them. Oh, and when I was on that enjoyable cruise on Royal I bought a future cruise certificate. Remember those? Can't buy those on Carnival anymore!! Fast forward a few months and it's time to book next year's cruise. Cashed in my FCC for Royal. Sorry Carnival. Maybe next year, if I don't buy another one. But please keep calling me 3x a week offering me the "brilliant" past guest discount if I book, which equates to paying more than the Early Saver rate so I can go to the same exact ports again. Hate to say it as I did love Carnival, but I fear that the only time I'll be going back is possibly a 3 or 4 day Fantasy class cruise just for the hell of it...unless they bring back the "free cruises for people who don't sail with us often" sale they had this time last year!
  9. Just keep what you need for the first few hours in your carry-on (camera, bathing suit, sun block, etc) and check the rest of the bags with the porter when you arrive at the pier. There's no way you want to lug all those bags around a crowded ship for several hours. They'll arrive at your room sometime later on embarkation day.
  10. I booked it for the Sep 17th sailing. Also booked a JS. Although higher than I usually pay for a cruise, $2500 didn't seem too unreasonable for 2 people in a JS.
  11. After 11 cruises on Carnival we wanted to try something different. We were tired of the same shows, same food, same jokes.... We found a great price on RC Freedom of the Seas and sailed this past Fall. The only real WOW that I experienced was when we boarded the ship. Unlike any ship I have ever been on or seen. Other than that I found the 2 cruise lines more similar than different. The food was good in the buffet and MDR, but Carnival's was better (at least it used to be...the last few cruises their food wasn't so good) RCI has a live Calypso band playing by the pool and live entertainment in bars/lounges all over the ship. The Solarium blows Carnival's Serenity deck away. The hot tubs were HOT, and the pool 8 feet deep in the deep end with a swim up bar. I found Royal to feel less crowded. While there were more people on board, there are so many bars, lounges, etc, that the ship never felt crowded. It's hard to describe, but maybe like walking around the mall before it opens. The only crowd we ever experienced was when they had the "sidewalk sale" on the promenade. The fellow guests were much nicer on Royal than we experienced on our last few Carnival cruises. While we always meet and hang out with nice people on every cruise, there was a lot less pushing & shoving than we are used to on Carnival. The staff on both lines is equally friendly in my opinion. I will say that our room steward on Royal was much friendlier than any we've ever had in Carnival. Cigar Bar for smokers. Yes, on Royal you are allowed to smoke in the cigar bar. More free food options on Carnival. We did miss Guys and the Blue Iguana and even the pizza. Royal needs to learn how to make pizza. Coffee is better on Royal. Our ship had a Starbucks and it was included in the drink package. No limit on drinks in the drink package on Royal. Bottom line is I like both lines. I will sail both again. I'll probably stick with Carnival if I want a 3 or 4 day cheap getaway and Royal for weeklong cruises in the future. While I love Carnival, there was just something about the atmosphere on Royal that made me feel more comfortable...more cozy. PS - my next cruise is actually on neither line but on the NCL Escape. I have to experience the first Margaritaville at sea!!! Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  12. Used Cocoa Beach Shuttle. Very reliable, not too costly, and on time. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  13. I'm gonna guess it has to do with time of year. There were hardly any children on FOTS last week. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  14. I watched it from the pool deck right above the ambulance. The person on the stretcher was definitely sitting up at the time. Maybe he died later at the hospital?? Sad either way! The woman that disembarked with him was not older. Looked to be about mid 30's. The rumor going around the ship was that the second was a birth. There were also several ambulances on the pier in Falmouth. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
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