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  1. We booked a sailaway and got an OCEANVIEW STATEROOM 9702, CATEGORY OA.It is a bigger cabin and is right in the front of the ship with a good view starboard. I am a little bit worried about the motion in the front and I just found out that The District Brewhouse is under us. Not sure if it goes all the way to the front. We won't find out until October. We did save a lot of money that we can use elsewhere so we will take some earplugs and lots of sea sickness medicine just in case. Even though we haven't cruised yet I think we would chance it again. Has anyone stayed in this cabin as I would still have time to upgrade? This booking is on the Joy.
  2. I am wondering if anyone has stayed in cabin 9702? I would like some info on how bad the motion will be. I booked sailaway and this is what I was assigned. I think it would be a beautiful view but worried about my husband and motion sickness When I booked this it said Midship, I thought and just didn't think we would end up right up front. I am trying to decide if I should upgrade so I can pick a room. Hopefully someone out there has sailed right up front on this ship.
  3. Hi JamieLogical, Thanks so much for your reply. That helps to plan our budget. We are from Canada so everything in US dollars is more expensive with the exchange.
  4. Hi quercus alba So if the bow is below the window we should be able to see the ocean in front of us. Also, would you have any idea how bad the motion would be up front.
  5. Hi LTC, We are not sailing until October, but I booked sail away and they said you could use your Lattitude points. Could you take a walk up to 9702 which is right in the front of the ship and let me know what the motion of the boat feels like there. If you could let me know I would appreciate it.
  6. We booked a picture window Sail Away and I just got our cabin number 9702. I am kind of worried for my husband regarding the motion. Does anyone know what being at the very front of the ship is like. Also will the window look right out onto the ocean or will the front of the ship extend out past the window? I was also like to know what the internet costs as I can't find it anywhere on the Norwegian site. How well does the internet work? We didn't take the liquor package as we would never drink that much. Does anyone know how much the drinks are especially the fancy frozen drinks. Thanks in advance.
  7. We have booked sail Away on the Joy. We just got our cabin number which is a picture window on the 9th deck right in front of ship. Can anyone tell me what the motion is like up there and can you see past the front of the ship?
  8. Thanks Myjillian. This is the first time we did this so here's hoping it goes great.
  9. Sauer-kraut, To my knowledge it has a guarantee cabin but you can't pick it and you do not get any freebies.
  10. Norwegian has the sail away but I am not sure about other cruise ships. It is the lowest price in the category, but has the picture window the same as the higher prices. You do not get the free choices with it and Norwegian will pick your cabin and also has the chance it will be upgraded. We usually take an inside cabin as I prefer to spend my money elsewhere, shore excursions etc. We thought we would try this to see if we really like the window and whether we would like this in the future. You can go to Norwegian or cruise critic and find the cruise you want then press book and you will see the different categories and there you can check out sail away. I hope this helps you out.
  11. Hi WyomingGuys, was that the 5 day or 6 day cruise. I can't find anything.
  12. We booked Sail A Way, Oceanview Window on the Joy from Vancouver to LA. Is it possible to request with Norwegian that we would prefer the port side or do you just have to take what we get?
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