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  1. Just my 2c, but as a solo I didn't really enjoy my speciality dining experience on the Queen Elizabeth. The food and service were, of course, faultless. There were though long gaps between courses, presumably because the food was being cooked to order, and if I'd had a dining companion these would have been welcome opportunities for conversation. As a solo, though, I felt somewhat self conscious, but would have felt equally uncomfortable reading a book at an upmarket restaurant table. But YMMV and if on a future cruise I found another solo who was up for sharing a table I'd do it.
  2. I'm a single 60s male traveller and have been upgraded Britannia -> PG on two of my three Cunard cruises. I was really surprised the first time (QM2) since it obviously wasn't a reward for loyalty, but after meeting my dinner companions I think the reason was a desire by Cunard to achieve a better M-F balance - I was paired with a very pleasant lady who, to our mutual surprise, came from the same London suburb as me.
  3. Melbourne 2022-23 cruise calendar is here https://www.vicports.vic.gov.au/cruise-shipping/Pages/cruise-ship-schedule-3.aspx with QM2 visiting on 14 March 2023 and 12 March 2024
  4. Unless I misheard, ABC news announcer reported this as 1 in 50 in England, but just 1 in 30 in London!
  5. I love pork pies: pre heart attack I probably ate 100+ a year. Now they're a Christmas special.
  6. My dad, a UK civil servant, was posted to Mexico City, 1957-59. We sailed to USA on the Media from Liverpool, 27 April 1957, then a long train journey from NYC. At the end of his service, April 1959, the UK govt flew dad home so as to have him back at work asap, leaving my mum unaccompanied with two small children to make the long train journey back (no family-friendly policies then!), then to Southampton on the Queen Mary. Unfortunately I was too young to remember anything of either voyage .... However, in 2010 I finally achieved a long-held ambition to stay on the Queen Mary at Long Bea
  7. Great choice - I got mine, dark blue Cruiser AWD, Aug 2019 and it's the best car I've ever had. Only regret is that it's hardly been driven this year - filled it up in February, then again last week.
  8. It's a long long flight, so give yourself time to get over the jet lag. Play close attention to the Australian customs form declarations. In particular whilst there's usually no problem with factory packaged foodstuffs, you must declare them on the form. Fresh food, e.g. fruit, is a big no! Enjoy Australia! If you've got time in Brisbane, the maritime museum is worth a visit https://maritimemuseum.com.au/ as is Lone Pine Sanctuary https://koala.net/visitor-info
  9. My cruising 2020, Jan: Queen Elizabeth: Melbourne, Adelaide - skipped Kangaroo Island because of bushfires - Hobart, Melbourne. Little did we know then what was about to happen. 2021: zilch: was to be QM2 Fremantle-Melbourne.
  10. I don't want to wish my life away, but in my later 60s I'm conscious of time passing. I volunteer in several capacities and as a generalisation it seems that most men are still going well at 70 but by 75 have definitely aged, in most cases giving up more physical work. Of course there are exceptions. On my last cruise, my fellow diners included a delightful 92 year old. One of others asked, somewhat tactlessly, where at this age she didn't need a travelling companion. She looked at them sharply and said that when she got old she'd consider it!
  11. Trademarks (in UK anyway) apply to a particular class of product and there are dozens of classes: you register a TM for the class your product or service operates in. So the Beatles had Apple as their trademark record label, while the eponymous computer firm had it for their products. If no one else has it, I could set up as Apple Cruises.
  12. Just watching the pro-Trump DC protests on TV now, with the point being made that they include people from all over the country, all travelling and all potentially spreading/catching Covid. With a million new cases each week, I hate to think where the US will be by Christmas, especially if people decide it's Thanksgiving as usual.
  13. Just so http://Pacific Dawn Melbourne 2015 on Flickr
  14. It was a ridiculous political stunt that's done the LNP and her no favours. She claimed that due to the lockdown she'd lost 99% of her trade. I'm sure my local cafes, restricted to takeaway only, have lost half their trade, two thirds even, but they've tweaked their hours and offerings to suit the situation (as any well managed business would). Meanwhile she's still (as I write this) advertising her Fathers Day specials (note to non locals, FD was eight weeks ago) - http://www.unicacucina.com/news .
  15. Follow my link above and there's also a skeleton 2023-24 !
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