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  1. The MSC Half day walking tour of Marseille was really good value - if I remember rightly the difference between the shuttle and the price of the tour each wasn’t huge - following the tour you could return to the ship on any MSC shuttle bus - leaving you free to explore on your own. On another note don’t bother with the advertised MSC ferry shuttle in Genoa - massive waste of money - it’s a lovely walk from the port to the harbour area with the aquarium 🐠
  2. Just popped on today - I haven’t been on here for a while. We didn’t get offered wrist bands just a key card (we were Aurea guests) it might be simething new but it wasn’t an option in August. We had a similar experience with the dinning times - we ended up going the same time each night. We did go early one night and ended up on a different table than we had been on for the rest of the week - seemed more of an issue for them than for us. hope that’s helped 😀
  3. Not been on the boards for a while I’ve answered what I can above - we had a lovely cruise and saw so lovely places. Hope I’ve helped 😀
  4. Here’s the details (I thought we’d left that bit of paperwork on board - but the hoarder brought it home 😂) it is per person - sounds a lovely cruise but out of our price range 😬
  5. So in August we did our first MSC cruise after cruising Disney ocean view and had an amazing time - was it disney service? No, but it wasn’t a million miles away, it was much better then some of the service you get in four star European hotels. On the last day of our August cruise we got a letter under the door with an offer for a round the world cruise for £12k from MSC really not something we can afford so put it to one side. Just had an offer from Disney for an 11 day European cruise (something we would consider) for €11k!!! What that’s ridiculous!! I think I know who my new cruise line is
  6. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one - it’s is really cool seeing the ships docked together we docked along side Divina in Genoa and followed it out 🛳🛳
  7. Forgot about those cakes and pastries in that area. It was a lovely place to sit and people watch. We also had some amazing cocktails (off menu) in the Fantasia bar - hence the reason we missed the show 🤦‍♀️😂
  8. I can’t comment about the Gelato as although we had the premium package it wasn’t included for us (we booked late) there was food in the evening in the wine and beer bar, which also had more beers to choose from than any other bar. They also had burgers and things in the sports bar - we didn’t have any as we were always full from the buffet but a group of lads ordered some one day and they looked great. Most of the bars also brought snacks out in the evening with drinks, the usual nuts, olives, crisps - they were very generous. The shows in the theatre were great (this is a passion
  9. Hi Diane We embarked in Majorca so we just did our own thing in Palma, in Ibiza we took the local shuttle into the town and had a wander around, it has a nice marina area with some lovely shops and bars (and some of the most spectacular yachts I ever seen!), we did the MSC trip to the aquarium in Genoa, the aquarium was interesting but I felt the trip was overpriced the ‘ferry’ transfer took about five minutes and we walked back so it worked out over €20 each for a one way trip. In Marseille we did the short walking tour which was actually great value, after the tour you coul
  10. We did, honestly we were two minutes late but they were still there when we got up in the morning 😢 it wasn’t a massive issue but if we’d had the info earlier they would have been out before we went for dinner - just wanted to warn people to get them out early. It was quite comical watching us pack in about 15 minutes there was stuff been thrown everywhere 🤦‍♀️
  11. Just got back from a fabulous cruise on Fantasia around the Med - if anybody has any question s please feel free to ask away. On the hole the whole holiday was fab, I can understand some of the frustrations that US and UK passengers may have, it is a VERY mixed European clientele and some (not all) really don’t get the concept of the que! But if you go with that in mind you will have a great time. We spent a lot of time on Top 18 it was a bit of a relief from the hustle of the main pool areas - it has a bar service, a decent sized hot tub and plenty of comfy sun beds.
  12. Genoa is walkable into the lovely marina area - we did the excursion with the ferry transfer and aquarium but it really wasn’t worth it for the ‘ferry’ - we walked back to the ship it was about a 10/15 min walk - mainly on the flat and felt very safe.
  13. I’ve just got off the ship but once I’m home I’ll try and find it but I think it was just the normal uk number off the website - by the way I got my massage and some lovely drinks 🍾🍸
  14. So I’m having a fabulous time on MSC Fantasia thanking my lucky stars I’m not on NCL the noise coming from the Pearl all day today has been horrendous - are all their ships as noisy??? Drum and base full blast - two different tracks one from the front and one from the back non stop - it’s like being in a nightclub!! Fantasia on the other hand is like an oasis of calm (with my balcony door shut) 😱🙉🙉 think I’m getting old
  15. I’ve upgraded easy to premium for £8 pppd for our up coming cruise - no mention of losing anything that we booked I’ll be annoyed if I can’t get my massage 😱
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