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  1. Thank you for your reply! I guess I was unclear in my initial post. As per other comments, I was looking more for how many formal nights to expect. This is super helpful to give me insight on what to expect. We are first time cruisers. Thank you kindly for your kind and informative response.
  2. Looking at Carnival Vista 🙂
  3. Yes first time and too much of a planner! I’ll ask on Roll Call. Thanks!
  4. Will we receive an on-board itinerary of some sort prior to cruising? How do we get info on formal night, etc? Thanks!
  5. Hi there! Does anyone one know if the public bus system has a route that runs close to Cayman Spirits Distillery? Or are we best to taxi it? Anyone know the approx cost of a taxi from cruise pier to distillery? Thanks!
  6. Thinking of renting peddle bikes for a self guided day trip from downtown San Miguel (bike rental location) to Chakanaab Park? Do-able with time allowance to explore the park and meander our way back? 2 adults. Google maps says 31 min by bike. Is this accurate? We are in port 10am-6pm and would need time allowance to catch a cab from Puerto Maya and back. Thanks! Open to self guided tour stops and suggestions instead as well! Thanks!
  7. Also looking at hotel and car rentals options. What is the best way to get from Texas City to the cruise port? Uber? Taxi? What about upon return? Thinking of renting a car to get back to IAH but is it gonna be stupid crazy to get a taxi or Uber the morning we arrive back in Galveston? Thanks!
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