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  1. I wish the posters would stop blaming the family's lawyer. He's doing his job, which is to advocate for his clients. Remember that the family hired him to do this. And, the mother is a lawyer. The father is in law enforcement. They are fully aware of what the hired lawyer is doing; he is presenting and pressing for their side of the lawsuit to prevail. The US has an adversarial system of law in which each side presents their party's case before an impartial person or persons. The attorney can only withdraw the lawsuit if the parents decide to withdraw.
  2. thanks for the replies. I am now convinced it is doable. it's a long way off, but it gives me something to do whilst waiting. BTW, when I combine your screen names, it looks like an answer from the TV show Jeopardy: John Bull Dogs4fun. (Hope you both have a sense of humor.)
  3. On Jewel of the Seas in June 2021. Will be utilizing private tours in St. Petersburg with family. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful recommendations and reviews of tour companies. Separately, I am interested in a special adult dinner in St. Petersburg. Looking for Michelin star quality restaurant in which to dine and also how to facilitate any visa issues associated with evening dining. Any insight?
  4. BTW, I have found half and half to be an American thing. Generally not available in Europe.
  5. Interesting. I buy insurance primarily for the medical insurance. Medical expenses have unlimited exposure and liability. The cost of my trip is known, limited and already paid. If I have to cancel my trip, I'm out the cost of the trip but all I have actually lost is the pleasure of a wonderful cruise. The money was already spent. Whereas, if I have a medical emergency abroad, that is a cost I do not wish to self-insure. I self insure known amounts at risk (cost of cruise) and buy insurance for unknown, potentially unlimited amounts (medical costs and evacuations).
  6. Jewel is 12 night rt Amsterdam, 4 sea days. Adventure is 10 night rt Copenhagen, 2 sea days. We generally do not like sea days; prefer ports, but would like to visit Amsterdam and flying in and out of Amsterdam is easier for us. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  7. You can't drive to most foreign ports. Define foreign. Non-continental US? Non-US territories? Across the ocean? Since you are from NJ, would you consider FL foreign 😉? What's the difference between a car trip from NJ to Illinois and a car trip from Paris to Marseilles? OK. Passport is usually required. Visa may be required. Longer air travel (maybe more expensive.) Different currencies. Different languages. Generally different time zones. Opportunity for land experience before/after cruise. Getting to Rome three days before your cruise is definitely more exciting than getting to Miami three days before your cruise. Staying in Barcelona after the cruise is very common. Very few people stay in Galveston for several days after their cruise. On non-US focused cruiselines, you will find more local cruisers on non-US based cruises.
  8. Find out about your insurance before you make any decision. What if you reschedule and then have another crisis? With your uncertainty, I'd try to get my money back. That gives you the most options in the future. If you bought your trip insurance through tripinsurancestore.com they should be your first call. They are very helpful, especially when dealing with insurance companies.
  9. Stay with Carnival. We'll all be happier.
  10. Keith, as always, you have all the information. You addressed the specific issues that had existed and Crystal has since corrected. Just what I was looking for. Bridge groups now appear to be no more intrusive than any other large group. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for the update. Happy trails to you.
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