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  1. If you are planning on eating most of the nights in the MDR then unless you want to use the expensive dry cleaning service, your husband would probably want to take 3 suits anyway. The 2 existing suits plus a dinner suit would probably work without needing any dry cleaning. I initially thought that a dinner suit would be outside of my comfort zone too, but seeing as the majority of gents were wearing one, I would have probably felt less comfortable without one! I actually find my dinner suit more comfortable than my regular suit in the evenings now - it fits really well, doesn't require a belt and gives me an excuse to wear a waistcoat. I had a bit of trial and error with dress shirts to find ones that were comfortable round the neck. Going for a smaller rather than a larger bow tie can help too as you don't really notice you are wearing it so much. In any case I hope you both have a fabulous trip!
  2. According to the P and O website the following food is always available for children ... I don’t see why an adult wouldn’t be able to request it too ... hopefully there is some food here that will work for your OH: https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/example_menu Beef Burger in Buns Pizza Margherita (V) Mini Minced Beef And Onion Pasty Spaghetti Bolognaise French Fries Chicken Nuggets Fresh Vegetables of the Day Selection of Ice Creams with Sweet Sauces Grilled Chicken Breast Grilled Stir Fried Vegetables Sorbet of the Day Poached Salmon Mashed Potato Fruit Jellies Pork Sausages Potato Smiley Faces Cupcake Fish Fingers French Fries Creamed Corn Pasta with Tomato Sauce Spaghetti Hoops Chocolate Cookies Beef Burger Garden Peas Chocolate Brownies Hot Dog Carrots Fried Egg, Cheese and Tomato Omelette/Plain Omelette
  3. I prefer drinking fizzy water and our local Tesco sells 2L bottles of sparkling mineral water for £0.18 - if I had space and it wasn’t going to be a hassle to carry it then I would take a few bottles on board
  4. I’d agree that these are standard prices in fancier cocktail bars, restaurants and hotels. I can see how anyone who’d normally buy cocktails Etc at places like Wetherspoons would consider it expensive though in comparison.
  5. For a long haul flight it would need to be a delay of over 3 hours for the EU flight delay compensation to kick in. If you haven't paid to select a seat can't you use online check in as soon as it opens and then get the best choice of remaining seats, or do you have to wait until you get to the airport?
  6. It's a similar price to what scheduled airlines charge, and can be cheaper than BA for example. What would be good however is if they offered higher tier members of the Peninsular club a discounted or free seat selection as a reward for loyalty. This would be a similar model to airlines. With BA for example if you get to Bronze Status (pretty easy - 2 return long haul premium economy flights, and a return economy flight in Europe in one year) then you can pick your seats for free 1 week before departure. With silver status (twice the requirement of bronze) you can pick seats for free at time of booking. With gold status you can also pick the exit rows for free.
  7. It’s fairly common practice with a lot of airlines these days. If you don’t have any frequent traveller status BA for example will charge between £20-£70 per passenger per sector to pre select a seat in Economy - so for a family of 4 that could add £560 to the flights.
  8. I’d presume they would be on sale, as would alcohol. Assuming your grandchildren are under the legal age to smoke then they wouldn’t be allowed to purchase them though.
  9. Se1lad


    Location filming took place on board the TA commencing 18th August
  10. Filming as viewed from our cabin
  11. I checked with the QG staff tonight - they always ate in their cabins, which is understandable
  12. I don’t know K.S. , however I am currently on board. We were potentially in a cabin that would have been most inconvenienced by the filming, as the cast and crew are occupying all the penthouses and large suites at the back of deck 9, and we are in the next cabin along. Whilst there has been a lot of activity in the corridor, they have been really quiet and never slam any balcony or cabin doors etc, so we probably ended up with quieter neighbours than usual! Filming has also taken place in a lot of the key rooms on the ship like G32, Chart Room, Queens Grill etc, but this has also not been disruptive. With Queens Grill for example they filmed at 16.30-17.30 when the restaurant would have been closed anyway. With other locations they would only occupy part of the rooms and the filming was done pretty quickly. Small sections of the deck were closed from time to time, but no more so than when the regular maintenance takes place on board. There were plenty of opportunities to take part as extras in the filming which was great fun. My only 2 complaints are that 1. The fake dealcoholised wine we drank in one of the Queens Grill scenes tasted awful, and 2. I think this will be an amazing advert for Cunard and could cause the prices to go up! : ) There was also a senior management presence from UK Head Office on board, who checked that we were not being disturbed or inconvenienced by the filming. In summary - no complaints from me, and it helped make the trip even more special.
  13. I’ve just been sent some more information by my TA: Important Notification Queen Mary 2 M925 18 August 2019 New York, NY, USA Southampton, England, UK 14 Aug 19 ***Important information - Filming on board*** Ahead of your voyage, we would like to update you on our previous communication regarding filming on board Queen Mary 2. We are delighted to let you know that a feature film directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh and starring multiple Oscar and Emmy award winning actors will be filmed on board your upcoming crossing. Whilst we are very excited that Queen Mary 2 will feature so prominently in the film, we do appreciate that you are here to enjoy your holiday and we have taken care in the planning to ensure that there will be minimal disruption to your enjoyment on board. We will continue to give details, in the Daily Programme, of all activities each day, so you can plan the days and nights of your voyage to suit you. For any budding actors, there will be exciting opportunities for you to participate in the film by appearing as an extra. Once on board you will be able to register your interest.
  14. On my last TA I would estimate 1/3 gents wore dark suits instead of a tux. On none TAs it can be higher again - so you certainly wouldn’t look out of place. its your holiday after all so wear what you like provided it fits within the dress code 🙂
  15. I will be travelling with a positive attitude and not expecting the film crew to cause me any inconvenience. However if for example I couldn’t have lunch in my assigned restaurant one day as it was being used for filming I would be expecting appropriate compensation through guest services (maybe shipboard credit).
  16. Drinks packages are offered to all if you pay for them. Though in America they are often offered as a free extra in QG and PG when you book.
  17. i think the alternative dining is made to look more fancy/formal than the rest of the King's Court which is why the dress code applies. I can see how it would be easy to think it wouldn't though as its technically still part of the King's Court.
  18. The above sums it up quite well - in the daytime (up to 6 pm) you will see a mix of attire from the more formal to casual - so wear what you feel comfortable in (within reason!). I will happily dine in QG in jeans and a polo at breakfast and lunch before changing into black tie for dinner!
  19. Im on this cruise too but have not been notified. I wonder if they are filming in a specific dining room?
  20. It is an interesting option piece, but not sure I agree with it all. I'd happily tip after the event if I received exceptional service, but I wouldn't tip before, especially if it could mean a detriment in service to other people on board. The article suggests: Or, perhaps, there's a window table for two that you have your heart set on in the main dining room -- a nice tip to the maitre d' on day one can help ensure that she or he never fails to have that table waiting. So does this mean that if you slip the maitre d' $100 (or whatever the going rate is) that you get the best table every night over everyone else? If so, where does it end - is there suddenly a bidding war for the tables in the main dining room?
  21. This is my approach too. If I received exceptional service I would give extra, but that is a rare occurrence
  22. One tip that is possible on Windows 10 is after connecting to the wifi, click on the wifi icon in the task bar, click on 'Properties' for the connected wifi session, scroll about halfway down the list of options that come up, and enable 'Set as metered connection' to ON. This will stop windows trying to check and download system and app updates etc in the background which can have a significant impact on low speed connections. Also opening up Task Manager, under the process tab you can see which apps and processes are using the network bandwidth and quit any that you don't need.
  23. Or you could use the print to pdf function (if on a windows pc) and save it that way - presume you can also do that on a Mac or smartphone
  24. I agree too - when I booked my upcoming TA there was a choice of a guarantee Q6 or only cabin 9002 - I was concerned this may be a bit noisy being so near to the Commodore club and a bit more bouncy being near to the front. Q5s were £400pp more expensive so I went for the guarantee, I have just got my Cabin assignment and its a deck 9 Q5 back near the suites at the rear - very happy with the upgrade and the £££ saving !
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