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  1. Here's some information I found really helpful (and funny) about cruising out of San Pedro, Los Angeles (World Cruise Terminal). I can't wait to be in group 1 myself! https://*****/30akp9Y
  2. You might find this helpful: https://profcruise.com/a-downtown-residents-best-tips-for-cruising-out-of-seattle-in-2019/ Lots of good info about transportation options to and from the ports in seattle.
  3. This is so helpful! A wealth of info. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Here's a good (and hilarious) review of a balcony cabin on the Golden. Seems she might be a little outdated. I'm booked on her for Alaska and hoping there aren't too many issues. https://*****/2WudupZ
  5. Thanks for all the feedback! My son is 3 and has a really hard time sitting still for long periods of time, like required in the MDR. I think I'll try it once and see how it goes. Luckily we have other options if it doesn't work out!
  6. I'm sailing alone with my young son and thought it would be much easier to eat in our room on the balcony than in the dining room, but don't want to miss out on the better food options. Is it possible to order food from the MDR through room service? Has anyone done this? Appreciate hearing your experience.
  7. cruisejess58


    We'll be doing a lot of hiking in Alaska and I was wondering about this too. Thanks everyone for all the great info.
  8. I enjoyed reading your review and your photos. Thanks for putting the time into doing it.
  9. Thanks for such a detailed review! I'm new to the boards and are going to go back and read your others.
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