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  1. Yes, it's entirely possible that I am interpreting any extra accommodation we received as being in response to tipping, when in reality we may have well been accommodated anyway. But one case in point was seating all of us in UU at one table - when enquired pre-cruise, we were told to speak to the MD on board. We did as soon as we could on day one, and the answer was a clear "no" - the best they could do was try to sit us in adjacent tables, but even that might be tricky due to layout. We were happy with this; didn't kick up a fuss or anything. But I understand one other member of
  2. It's worth noting though that I was in a large group, and accommodating our requests sometimes really did mean having to go above and beyond (or so I felt anyway). For example, seating all 12 of us at a single round table in Umi Uma, which is usually meant to accommodate a maximum of 8. Or getting multiple portions of the Chilean Sea Bass at Silk for lunch (which is usually only on the menu at dinner). Service was generally very good (within the "usual parameters"), but we did find that whenever we wanted cherries on top of the cake (and we're a little difficult like that), some e
  3. I disembarked Serenity last Saturday and the end of a 7-night cruise around the Adriatic. For context, we were part of a party of 12 (including a young child), my wife and I are in our mid-30s, and this is our first cruise (on any cruise line). What follows is just a random collection of thoughts/anecdotes, all of which are strictly my personal experience and opinion. Hope it's of some use to first-timers and vets alike. 1) The quality of the food was - all things considered - excellent. Reading these forums before embarking, I was worried on the trend of posts which se
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