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  1. The cabanas sell out quickly so the likelihood there will be any available on board is slim to none. Plus as they get closer to being sold out the prices skyrocket. I was there in July (Harmony) and there are plenty of chairs and umbrellas to go around. Unless you’re going to get one in the water park with a large group of people (cabana comes with 6 passes) to me it’s not worth it. Fyi-We were 15 minutes to the slides after opening (8:30 am) and Devils tower was already a 40 minute wait. An hour later it was up to over two hours long. But that’s just for Devils tower. My kiddo was able to hope between slides with minimal wait. Do the largest one first and then do the others. What are the chances that all 8 of you will be in the cabana at the same time? Most have said on this board they were too busy enjoying the sites to get the real use out of it. Became a place to hold towels.
  2. I had two excursions cancelled on my cruise last month, all due to weather. Luck of the draw really!
  3. Avoid deck 4, the running deck is on deck 5. I made this mistake once on a cruise, never again.
  4. I've had hit or misses with concierges. Some I've never talked to, others really didn't do much for me except direct me to someone else where I expected them to take care of it. I've never had them walk around the lounge to chat, they just sit at the desk waiting for you to come. If you use them and they are exceptional go for it, if you don't use them then a tip isn't warranted.
  5. The hours for the sports court are listed as 8am-11pm but there’s nothing preventing people from using them off hours. I’m in 1754 and love it!
  6. I am currently sailing on Harmony in a side facing CLS. We use our balcony a lot (currently having breakfast in my jammies 😊). The privacy is important to us plus as we’ve seen the last few nights the sports court is used quite a bit and late into the night. Too much noise and lack of privacy for me.
  7. Ah, so your comment wasn't about her safety with 14 year old boys but being shunned for her age. Gotcha. I don't raise my kid to feel the need to "belong" anywhere. Age on a piece of paper does not directly correlate to mental age during this time of development for boys or girls. She reads/comprehends at an 9th grade level, is two years ahead in math grade level and is taller than most 14 year olds. She belongs with kids that she has things in common with which has always equated to older children. Again, every kid is different.
  8. Fair Question. Depends on the kiddo and or the parent. She already attends school and classes with 14 year olds. Also, she has low tolerance for BS and drama. If she doesn't like it she simply walks away. I don't need to "protect" her from anything that might happen in the club. I have rules for every situation. She can handle herself.
  9. We've asked in the past for my kiddo to move up in clubs (she was shy by 2 months) and we were emphatically told no. Based on some of these comments I'm going to ask this Sunday while on Harmony. Yay...two days away. She's 11.
  10. I've done two Alaska cruises (live in Seattle) and 13 Caribbean Cruises. Honestly it's all up to the weather and conditions. One Alaska Cruise there were 20' waves and the captain stayed inland. We had to skip Hubbard Glacier 😞 I've been in the Caribbean where it's been the same as well. Although in the Caribbean the cruise captains have more area to avoid bad weather. This past December we had to divert to Labadee instead of Cozumel due to a freak storm in the Gulf of Mexico. Alaska is stunning...worth it. Get a room mid ship, low, some sea sickness bands (my favorite) and the ship will have Dramamine patches if need be.
  11. If you're price conscious I guess I can understand the concern. But it's like comparing the stay at a two star resort to a 4-5 star resort and expecting the price and amenities to be the same. Unfortunately price is not the one and only factor for comparison.
  12. I'm a fan of Junior suites especially if you have more than two people in the cabin. Gives you a noticeably more space so you don't feel on-top of one another.
  13. For the cruise I am leaving on this Sunday (Harmony) my TA was able to find several discounts that weren't posted on the RCCL website when I was checking prices. It was a slew of Emerald benefits as well as discounts they had access to. They were not advertised. I always use a TA. It's their job to find you the best deal and walk you through any questions you may have, free to you.
  14. "All guests 4 years of age and older must pay for entrance in Thrill Waterpark. All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult." I purchased a ticket as my 11 year old is going to ride the waterslides but I will not be. I leave in 6 days. I'll see what happens!
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