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  1. We noticed a $48 charge for things we didn't drink/eat. I called them up and they happily reversed the charge.
  2. We just got off the Equinox on the 7th. It was 2nd night (sea day) and 6th night (Grand Caymen).
  3. We paid $500 for the deposit on the Equinox in a Sky Suite for 2 of us leaving on 11/30/2019 for 7 days
  4. Congrats on your wedding! We're sailing on the Equinox on the 30th for our honeymoon in a Sky Suite, 2124 to be exact! It's my first cruise, so I feel like I'm going to be just as in awe as your husband is! how's the internet package you got as a perk?
  5. Growing up, my parents both suffered from severe sea sickness so we never went on cruises. I'm going on my first cruise, which just so happens to be our honeymoon cruise, in November! Treating ourselves to a suite on the Equinox! Absolutely can't wait and I probably shouldn't keep looking at the pictures here of the ship but I can't help but be curious! 🙂
  6. People are super uptight on this forum and seem miserable, but pay them no mind. Have a nice cruise!
  7. Question, since it's been mentioned: Will a photo copy of a passport actually work? I was under the impression that you need the physical copy, like drivers licenses in the states.
  8. Thank you so much for the info! :)
  9. Hey! I'm going on my first cruise (Equinox - western Carribean) for our honeymoon in November . We chose a Sky Suite and was wondering if noting "honeymoon" on our reservation is enough notification or should we mention it when boarding to get a little something extra in our suite (if that's even a thing)? Looking to make it the best possible romantic experience, so any tips or tricks you may have (restaurants, areas of the ship, where to spend OBC, excursions - key west, cozumel, costa maya, and grand caymen). Thanks in advance :)
  10. If you contact them, they'll work it all out for you. You only have 60 days, though. I got an extra $100 in OBC. Couldn't hurt to ask!
  11. This is great news for us! I've never been on a cruise and we booked a sky suite for our honeymoon on the equinox in November 🙂
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