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  1. We booked ours on board at the excursion desk. when we were at Harvest Caye people were booking them at the rentals kiosk at the beach. not sure if you can call and pre- book it.
  2. Does Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville has a cover charge for food service prosit a la carte? M confused as I’ve read it was a cover charge yet the menus I’ve seen show a la carte pricing.
  3. It’s a compliment that we eagerly anticipate the Cozumel “episode” of this series😀 we understand that you also have a life and we will try to be patient😜
  4. Me too JoeTec. I think she likes keeping us in suspense 😉
  5. Do they do anything special on-board for Valentine’s Day? Any decorations? Themed meals? Anything?
  6. Which of the main dining rooms on the Escape would be best for a couple who is looking for a smaller quieter area to dine?
  7. Is there an option to take an elevator instead of the “longest elevator in the world”?
  8. Moderno- ate there on the Star and the sides were cold, the service was terrible and the meat was poor quality.
  9. Anne of Green Gables is in Prince Edward Island. The port was probably Charlottetown. When the winds are high in the Northumberland Strait, the bridge that connects the provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick will be closed as the winds can cause bigger trucks and tractor trailers to tip over. If the Captain of the ship chose not to tender to the Island it was probably for safety reasons. The other port you missed may have been Saint John, New Brunswick.
  10. Thanks everyone for the information. I sent an email to my Cruise Consultant and she said she added it to my booking😀
  11. I’m confused do you get the 20% off plus the double latitudes points? When I looked at my insiders page it said get 20% off or double latitudes points. It doesn’t say I can have both...
  12. That was very sweet of you. I appreciate that. Now your review is perfect 😉
  13. It’s entertaining to attend an auction and see them trying to sell “original “ art that you saw on your last cruise on another ship. I also have a friend who cruises on Carnival who took a picture of an “original “ Thomas Kincaid Disney print of the Little Mermaid that I have seen at an Art Auction on the Star.
  14. Thanks so much for the review of the ship and the mini suite. I appreciate the pictures as well. It was very helpful and informative. it was also interesting and fun to read the reviews of the ports and your first experiences with lobster. I have one thing I need to mention. In Canada we have Provinces and not States. New Brunswick is the only Bilingual Province in Canada 🇨🇦. You are correct about the signs needing to be in both English and French.
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