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  1. that absolutely did not happen, it wasn’t “scanned” off of your phone as it is physically impossible. Perhaps it was scanned off of your RFID credit card from your wallet? I can promise you that it was not skimmed from your phone. The secure enclave isn’t engaged until after Touch/FaceID is engaged. This has been the same since day one of the launch of ApplePay. No bank would have approved this or would it have gained PCI compliance if skimming were that easy.
  2. The woman who called me was from Princess, I am sure about that. She was reading parts of the letter I wrote and thanked me for my stock holdings (which due to my circumstance, they are fully aware of). She didn’t ask me for any personal information outside and I asked her to confirm the booking number we are talking about. But yes, I agree that you should be careful when people call. They would have had to went to quite the effort of spoofing their caller ID and the Princess Executive Relations Phone Number.
  3. I am hesitant to share this as I don’t want to add fuel to the “princess hate” but I just received a call from Princess Executive Relations. She was calling to let me know that they are working hard on my refund and will try and get it to me as soon as possible. She said they are doing everything in batches and said they had completed March (it seems that isn’t true) and they are mid-way through April. She said that my cruise refund should be processed shortly. Deciding to play along, I asked her about my refund for the hotel and airfare upgrade (she called it a Covid Incidental Refund), she said that it was picked up by the Princess office in Australia for processing and had been approval. She confirmed it has been approved for refund but hasn’t been mailed yet, she said it should happen soon. So here is the fun part, I’ve already received my cruise refund (from Princess, not from a dispute) and I have received the check for my other fees (hotel, airfare, etc..). The woman either was full of cr** (and feeding me what I wanted to hear) or their system is really this bad and they don’t have a clue what is happening. She promised to followup with me next week to give me an update on my refund.. To be honest, I had a hard time not laughing during the call. I doubt I will receive a double refund, I am sure she is just reading from a script.
  4. I know that Princess made a decision to reimburse everyone (supposedly) themselves instead of asking customers to use insurance. I wonder if this is due to Princess being concerned that the insurance company would drop them as a customer? I imagine they also have an agreement with Princess that if they cancel the cruise they will pay up? Lots of speculation on my part..
  5. Those of you who have not received refunds after 60 days, will this prevent you from cruising with Princess in the future? If yes, are you put off of cruising completely or are you switching to another line?
  6. I had problems redeeming my FCC due to my cruise not being “approved” for use of a FCC and they originally said I would need to rebook. It was straightened out in the end, but I was concerned that we wouldn’t get our FCC because I had disputed (and won) our Ez-Air fare. We did receive our cruise fare back (without disputing it) to my debit card for our cruise that was supposed to start yesterday.
  7. Yes, I was originally told that my booking didn’t qualify for a FCC and I had to argue and get a supervisor. She promised to research and call me back, and she did. She apologized and said that it is new and there is a lot of misinformation amongst the CSR’s and was able to apply it to my booking next February. I am still waiting on paying off my cruise (just deposit and FCC now) until I feel comfortable with the company and I see everyone getting their money back. I am still a bit worried about the state of CCL going into next year. I am hoping they get their act together and the money starts to flow back to their loyal customers. We aren’t Elite or special so I am unsure why we got lucky.
  8. We are hoping that we will be taking a cruise from New Zealand to Australia for 11 days. Though after reading the reports from New Zealand saying that they may not open tourism to people outside of NZ/AUS until February of next year, I am kind of loosing hope...
  9. Yes, I have received a refund of cruise that was supposed to start yesterday. I filled out the form on March 11th (or 12th?) and asked for a full refund. I received my refund to my debit card a couple weeks ago. I also received our 25% FCC which I have already applied to our cruise next February (that was an adventure). I got nervous and disputed our Ez-Air charges (completely separate from our cruise refund) with my bank. They ruled in my favor and gave me my money back. I also received a check for our hotel costs/airfare upgrades, etc.. via mail around the same time. At this point (and reading 50+ pages of comments) I have ZERO clue as to why I received a refund before people who had cruises before I did. ‘ Again, I did receive a refund for my cruise fare and separately I had disputed my EZ-Air charges which was ruled in my favor, two separate transactions..
  10. Voljeep I never can quite tell if you are serious or not most of the time.. 😂
  11. I was originally told by my TA (and Princess) that my FCC wouldn’t apply to our cruise next February. Princess called me back today and apologized and said that I can use my FCC on our cruise. They said to call back my TA and I should be set....and they were right. Also, received our check back for our hotel and airline upgrades from Princess. Holy crap, be careful when you are throwing mail out because I came really close. It looked like junk mail and had a “bottom tear” envelope. I think the experienced cruisers on here said that the checks they have received in the past from OBC look like this, so I imagine it is the same company issuing them. I am still not happy how Princess handled all of this and honestly I will question booking with them after our next cruise. I hope the rest of you guys receive you refund quickly. Our friends who had a cancelled cruise got their refund overnight. They were on a March cruise and we were on a May cruise. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to their refund process.
  12. Did you submit any of this to Princess for reimbursement? We received our hotel charges back as a check and any airline fees that weren’t covered in Ez-Air. If you haven’t, it is worth giving it a shot. The worst they can say is no...
  13. I would be curious if anyone who choose option 1 (i choose option 2) go into their FCC page and see if the same wording exists (as me) on the bottom of the section that lists your account balance. Again, I choose option 2 and I see this on my FCC page: Not all credits are combinable or available on every voyage and/or itinerary. Please contact your travel agent or call 1-800-PRINCESS for details.
  14. My cruise was May 10th (next month) on the Diamond Princess. They cancelled it a few days before the mass cancellation but I filled out my form the same day as everyone else (March 11th or 12th?).
  15. I don’t think it is anything special? Seems like they have plenty of openings? Hopefully this link works: https://www.princess.com/cruise-search/details?voyageCode=G104 It is the Feb 3rd sailing on the Regal Princess in 2021. Yes, it is one we already booked (I think in January) and we had just put our deposit down and haven’t made a payment since. On the plus side, our airfare was $1100 dollars cheaper when I checked it earlier today. I re-fared and saved the difference. Granted, I can assume that maybe the woman we spoke to didn’t know what she was talking about and I will receive a call on Monday that everything is just fine. I try and think positive until proven otherwise.. 🙂
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