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  1. Thanks Maustang! All the best to you and your FI! When it came to the price we also realised that we would be spending double that anyways if we had it at home so... what's a little extra money when you get something so romantic? :D
  2. So our cruise is booked for the 5th of august on the caribbean princess, today i am sending in the rsvp form and contract (which I forgot to have my fiance sign :eek:!!!) and we are taking the tie the knot at sea package for 2 o'clock. No guests, no reception, we are reserving a table at sterlings for the two of us after, and having our cake then. Picked peach roses in a round bouquet, traditional vows, having a ship staff member walk me down the aisle, and chose a white sponge cake with lemon filling and buttercream icing. I hope this all works out. I agree that it is very expensive for this package, but it should prove itself to be something very special, that we wouldn't be able to expirience anywhere else and that is what I am trying to give to hubby to be. Something wonderful to remember forever.
  3. Wow!!! There is such fantastic feedback on this site!!! We are reserving our date today or tomorrow for the 7th of August on the Caribbean Princess (eastern), sailing on the 5th. :)
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