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  1. Actually, that email is just for your cruise - not anyone else embarking in the US. I'm on the 12/20 Hawaii Sojurn, and there is no email yet. Viking did correct the instructions in MVJ from earlier today which I copied and pasted below. However, the resource blurb on the website hasn't been changed and conflicts with what is printed below. I assume Viking will straighten this out as they have done for your Panama cruise. One resource for testing I haven't seen mentioned here is Quest Diagnostics. They claim to have facilities all over the globe, so it might be something to check out. No cost (at least for NJ residents). COVID-19 Testing Viking requires all guests take a COVID-19 PCR test prior to departure For departures through December 31, 2021, Viking requires that all guests take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to boarding their first outbound flight from their home country. A negative PCR test result is an added layer of protection for you and your fellow travelers—and will provide peace of mind should your destination change its entry requirement with little notice. It is important to note that some countries already have COVID-19 testing requirements that may be different from the Viking requirement. If the first country of your itinerary already requires a negative COVID-19 test result for entry, there is no additional testing requirement. The negative COVID-19 test results you are using to meet the country’s entry requirements will meet the Viking testing requirement. If you are traveling independently outside of your home country, you must take a PCR test no more than 72 hours prior to your first Viking activity (embarking ship or joining pre-cruise extension). This may involve arranging a test independently in the country you are visiting. To find a testing location near you, follow the link* below. Please note: When selecting a testing location, make sure it provides COVID-19 PCR tests. Call the testing location before you schedule an appointment to confirm it can deliver the test result prior to your departure. There may be a charge at some testing locations. As you prepare for your voyage, please read the Pre-Cruise Requirements found under the Resources tab of your itinerary page on the Viking website and follow all guidelines that Viking provides via email and on My Viking Journey.
  2. Let’s end this here. You refuse to acknowledge what Viking puts in my MVJ for my Hawaii cruise that also affects all cruises in 2021 because you read something different somewhere else. Do what you want.
  3. Viking requires all guests take a COVID-19 PCR test prior to departure For departures through December 31, 2021, Viking requires that all guests take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to boarding their first outbound flight from their home country. Get it?
  4. This is copied and pasted from the MVJ notification for my December Hawaii cruise:
  5. I would assume a formatted email or web page printed would be the thing to bring. Test results will, I assume in most cases, be communicated electronically.
  6. McReeve - Yes, we are on the same cruise, and we are with you 1000%. We may be the only folks who see no conflicts. We have appointments for our PCR tests for Friday morning, 12/17. Test results will be available within 24-48 hours, so there will be ample time to print them before we leave home. Unlike you, we are flying from NJ to LA 6am Monday, so we see no need to have antigen tests as we will board the ship directly from LAX. We also have a Viking river cruise in 3 weeks, and the instructions there are the same with the addition of Portugal’s requirements (which is the same 72 hour PCR). We’re Linda and Sheldon - looking forward to meeting you on board!
  7. Excellent explanation. The bottom line, as I previously stated, is that Viking requires 72 hour PCR for all cruises embarking in 2021. The directive does state, as you do, that destinations could have additional requirements.
  8. vslparis - nope! I’m sailing from LA and MVJ specifically states 72 hour PCR for ALL cruises noe through 12/31/21. This update was issued last week. Prior to that, you would have been correct.
  9. I think the point here is the antigen test yields results much quicker. Hence, 48 hours for antigen could be easier than 72 for PCR. The Viking link for PCR test providers is very good - I now have appointments that will get me the results in time.
  10. Do you know why a British court settled the case?
  11. If your cruise begins December 31, 2021 or earlier, chances are better than not you will need the 72 hour PCR.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. All I would say here is that when you get a notification in MVJ to download Verifly, wait a few days.
  13. The discounted amount appears on your booking document. I only use a Viking agent, so I can’t vouch any TA, but if you’re using an e-check, the full amount should never show up on your invoice.
  14. Better check MVJ. This week I received a notification specifically for my Hawaii cruise departing from Los Angeles December 20 that a 72 hour PCR test is required for all cruises through 12/31/21. This message came a week for so after the 48 hour antigen message.
  15. This app has a few bugs and can be frustrating to use. First of all, on 10/10, I received a notification in MVJ for me to download and complete Verifly. So I downloaded it, followed instructions to link to Viking, and then get a message that I cannot continue or upload anything until 10/12. So today (10/15), I opened the app, and it did remember me and my companion. So I assumed it remembered being linked to Viking, and I followed instructions to enter the country I'll be visiting. So I chose Portugal and was asked to select the airline and city. There was only one airline choice - Aer Lingus - and one embarkation city - Dublin. So I removed the whole thing and started again, this time entering "Viking" for the country. That worked - it asked for the Viking booking #. The next steps went generally smoothly, with one exception. Both my wife and I had our booster shots. Verifly asked for the dates of the first and last shots, so I entered dates for shot #1 and shot #3. Mine was accepted. I did the same for my wife, but hers was rejected, with a message stating they want the date of the SECOND shot. So I resubmitted the photo, used the dates for the first and second shots, and it was then accepted. Go figure.
  16. Hmmm… very unusual, but more power to you. BTW, the general PIF policy is the same for ocean and river cruises.
  17. When did you book the ocean cruise? Was your deposit $500pp or something different?
  18. So am I. Individual state can (and do) use their own minimum wage schedules. See https://www.minimum-wage.org/tipped
  19. I also believe you can get 6 month PIF if you book a cruise within 2 weeks of disembarkation. You also get an extra $200pp SBC. Also, Viking has from time to time offered 6 month PIF as a perk. Friends of ours booked their first cruise that way. In all cases, ask for it and check your booking document.
  20. Good for you! Unfortunately, we know folks from overseas now living here who weren’t aware until we told them.
  21. KB - keep in mind the minimum wage for tipped workers in the US is $2.13/hr (£1.56). Many states are a little higher.
  22. HDMI ports are not accessible. Don’t know about methods.
  23. Where do you see the word “refund”? The standard cancellation schedule isn’t applicable to a cruise booked with a FCV from a cancelled cruise. It would be applicable if you paid cash. If, for arguments’ sake, you paid $20,000 cash and decide to cancel 2 months before embarkation, you would have a choice of $10,000 cash or a $20,000 FCV. You can’t get cash once you accept a voucher. There would be a proration if you paid part cash and used part FCV. It’s been repeated here several times - sorry you have a problem understanding this.
  24. This is true for DV and above cabins - there is only one initial stocking of soda at the beginning of the cruise for V cabins. I usually take a can or two from lunch and put it in my refrigerator - never had a problem. I haven’t had occasion to order soda at the bar.
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