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  1. Yeah, that's what was in our bags. I'm sure they were disappointed.
  2. I still have not heard back from Norwegian about anything regarding our damaged luggage. I'm going to be posting on a couple of travel review sites about our experience.
  3. Exactly what I thought, too. We are both very neat with our packing. Mine was stuffed so full, we had to use the both of us to close the inside zipper. That's why they didn't zip it back up; no time to fix it. Same goes for the suitcase itself, as it took effort to close as well. They probably had to sit on it to close it quickly, thus messing up the telescopic handle. We used Mom's fancy matching hard sided leopard-print luggage. I usually use my own crappy-but-durable luggage, and have not had a problem. Joke was on them when we had all of our valuables with us! There was nothing in the bags for a thief to want!
  4. My Mom's luggage was damaged. The zipper hardware was cut off. My luggage was fine. Nothing was stolen out of ours.
  5. My Mom and I are smart enough to not leave anything valuable out of our sight. The woman who had her pearls stolen is in her 90s, and obviously näieve.
  6. Any agency that inspects luggage is supposed to leave a note inside stating so. Have seen it before, traveling to Europe.
  7. UPDATE: We just found out that another woman in our tour had some pearls stolen from her luggage the same trip. Must be pretty easy pickings.
  8. Yes, we have insurance. Going through NCL, too.
  9. Nope, unless they were caught on security cameras.
  10. My mistake. Not Brooklyn, but NYC. Yes, I know about a paper or note being left. There was no paper left in either.
  11. Have insurance and NCL has been contacted.
  12. My mistake. It was NYC. I edited the post.
  13. My Mother and I had our luggage broken into sometime after we left our bags outside of our stateroom on 10/13. We noticed after we picked them up at the NYC dock. Hers was locked, and the zipper hardware was snipped, but lock was intact. It was a TSA lock. Her belongs were rifled through, and no paper was left notifying the search. My luggage was not locked, but was rifled through. Mine was packed so tightly with packing cubes, that the person was not able to get an inside zipper closed. They probably had to sit on it to close it, and therefore jammed the handle. Anyone have this problem on that sailing? Any tips for damaged luggage?
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