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  1. Thanks for prompt reply - our age hasn't put you off! Wow SE Asia - last winter I was land-based in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam for 4 months. So we have similar experiences to compare/contrast. I assume this is public so I must find out if there is a PRIVATE messaging facility.
  2. oops - I see you are not colonial but from Bristol but that notwithstanding everything applies. I suppose I was caught out by the comment that Cruise Critic seemed to be American and under-utilised by Europeans.
  3. To 1sttimecruisee - welcome from me/us. In fact this will be our first cruise but not yours I believe. I/we join the cruise in Valencia on May 2nd and so will have had a couple of days of getting lost and perhaps starving too by the time you arrive. I put we/I because my other half may not want to join me on the tours and travels I'll get up to. So who knows, we may even meet up - no idea on nationalities on board but we are Brits (healthy and active but perhaps to you elderly at 65/70) and welcome you colonials back to the cradle of civilisation. By all means message me if you want to and we'll see how it goes. This is my first CC roll call visit so no idea if it works effectively. Whatever, I wish you an excellent cruise - how was your first one, presumably ok if you are doing a second?
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