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  1. Hey Mickey, can you tell me what you mean? How has it's deckspace been reduced? Thanks!
  2. teerick, thanks, the responses I'm getting is exactly what I'm looking for. Starting broad then working my way narrow. Thanks!
  3. Thank you all for the info. My suspicion was this would be the case and there would be an 'Edge-related premium.' Not that I'm eliminating that as an option but I wondered if it would be worth the premium. I'll look at the reviews and and do some pricing and probably have questions during that process. Would love advice at any time. Thanks!
  4. Hello, strongly considering a Celebrity cruise in January, Caribbean. The two ships down there are the Equinox and the new Edge. How different are these two ships? Is Edge worth the premium? I will certainly search the boards and look at reviews but what is the right-down-to-it take. I'd be paying almost twice as much for Edge, and am willing to if it's worth it. Traveling are me (47 and my gf, 45). I am also considering Aqua Class as a possibility. Itinerary isn't a priority, we just want to have some time away together on a comfy ship.
  5. Can anyone direct me to pics of the refurb? I did a search here but couldn't find anything. Would love to see what she looks like now. Thanks!!
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