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  1. Not to change the subject ... but be careful letting someone know you are not feeling well. You may end up in quarantine.
  2. 😞 That kind of defeats the advantage of booking on board for us. Oh well. We can get a reduced deposit and OBC on the cruise being booked using a Travel Agent.
  3. Was going to mention this. If both of you do not need access at the same exact time, one can log out with their device and then the other person can use the same account to login with their own device. My wife and I have done this. I do wonder how long it will be before they try to stop this. But maybe they are OK since it is still just one device at a time even if multiple devices take turns.
  4. Agree with the on board credit. It is on your current cruise too. We normally book on board for that reason. We did already book another cruise in 2021. It is kind of like a test. We went with a discount travel agent online. We are confident we will not have to back out, so thought we'd try it and see how it goes. On our cruise in Jan, I plan to go to Next Cruise anyhow and see if they would have gotten us a better deal. I know that is a few months away, and I will have forgotten this thread by then. So, no promises I will come back and let you all know what the difference actually is.
  5. Always brought my own extension cord in the past. I don't use the humidifier, so never asked for water. But, you can bring water on board, unlike the cord! So ... on our last cruise in May, I had my first call to the naughty room! I had my extension cord packed in my luggage instead of carry on with my CPAP. Maybe as long as it was with my CPAP, they were letting it go. Or, maybe they recently started enforcing that rule for no extension cords. Either way, it was a nightmare! I am betting they just started enforcing it. I say that because they had over 200 people who had their cords taken away! Since they didn't tell me about it, and I finally went looking for my luggage later in the evening, they already ran out of cords! I was told I would be put on a waiting list. Like there is a walmart somewhere in the middle of the ocean where they would get more! I told them wrong answer, and said they had until 11 PM to get me power for my CPAP. About 10:30 an engineer showed up all dirty looking and had a tie wrapped huge power cord for me to use. He has this crazy look in his eyes like wondering who the hell I was to get his personal spare from the engine room. Anyhow, I got a power cord last minute and was all set! I do understand the policy. If I had known they were going to suddenly enforce it, I would have not brought one. I know MY power cord is safe and is in good shape. I don't know that about everyone else though. So I get it. I know why they don't want just any extension cord plugged in on the ship. So ... I now have a 20 foot power cord for my CPAP! Have not brought it on a cruise yet, but will see what happens on my next cruise. They can't tell me it is an extension cord since it is the actual power cord, just a very long one. :-P
  6. I have done the order a drink, take a sip, order a shot, and pour the shot in the drink thing. Get a funny look sometimes, but no real problems with it. I soon learned that a rum and diet coke and then a second rum and diet coke is not such a bad deal and didn't need the second shot. Still the same alcohol, and a bit more caffeine to counter act it. However, with the blender drinks I prefer to double shot since I really don't need all the extra calories from whatever they call that stuff they pour from a carton is. We tip 1-2 dollars each time we order. My wife and I often get each others drinks at the same time with our cards. After a couple of days, the drinks are ready when we get there. It seems like they have to have a card to "charge" the drink to. They can't just give you a drink and not record it somehow. It was interesting to see the charges as they showed up. I never tried to ask for a double since I know it is a higher charge and $13 is the max. I would be afraid they would just give me the double and then I would see another charge on my sea pass for the cost difference. I did sample every single rum one time to figure out which one I wanted! From then on the bar tender would ask if I still wanted the Bacardi 8 or not. :-) If you find a bar tender you are not happy with, go to another bar! There are a few on the ship. Smiles, tips, and try to follow the rules. Do these and getting drinks will be really easy. Our next cruise is 11 days. I will find out if I can drink that much that many days in a row. :-D When thinking about is it worth it, I look at it this way. 1. A shot of kahlua with coffee. 2. A breakfast bloody mary. 3. An afternoon blended frozen drink. 4 and 5. 2 glasses of wine with dinner. 6 and 7. A couple rum and cokes in the pool or in the hot tub. That is the bare minimum for me on a cruise. The package is paid for! Most of the time I have a couple more of something through the day. Especially on at sea days! My all time high was 18 drinks in one day.
  7. On our last cruise I went to the bar right away and ordered a rum and coke. I took one sip and got his attention and ordered a shot of rum. He looked at me curiously and glanced that my still full drink and then turned around and got me shot. I proceeded to pour it into my rum and coke. Other than the momentary look, he didn't restrict me. I am pretty sure if I were drunk and asked for that, he might refuse. I think as long as you are nice and well behaved, they will serve you as much as you want. One day I had 18 drinks! Not all at once, but through the day. A shot of Kahlua in my coffee is a good start. Each day varies from there. :-)
  8. I second that tour! It was on my lifetime bucket list to climb some Mayan Pyramids. This tour let you climb any thing you wanted to. This was a couple of years ago, but I would hope it is still that way. I loved every minute of it. You can stay with the tour guide and just listen, or you can wander around and look behind the stuff into the jungle if you want. He lets you know when to be back to the bus. The Cozumel tour for Chichén Itzá is horrible! It is stressful. We were late in port and they rushed us the whole time. The boat ride and bus ride is not that bad. However the ruins are way too touristy. You are not allowed to climb on ANYTHING! There are vendors selling stuff all over the grounds. It was very disappointing. I did not feel like I was at any kind of ruins at all. Too many people and too much modern crap being sold right next to the ruins.
  9. We were on Enchantment in May. It was the worst cruise I was ever on. The entire ship is rusty. The room attendant and the dining staff and the bar tenders were outstanding. Those in charge of the ship were sloppy and didn't seem to care about anyone or anything. They lied to us at every turn and mislead us about what was going on at every chance. From day one and continuing on during departure. I have never been on a cruise ship so poorly managed. The problem is not just that it needs dry dock. It needs the ongoing "propulsion" issues resolved! Then it needs a new Captain. Or, maybe it needs a new Captain who will get the propulsion system back up to 100%.
  10. We just got $45 a couple weeks ago on Serenade in Jan. We had originally booked at like $52 or so and then re-booked to get the $45. That was 30% off I think. Today it is $47. The buy one get one 50% off deal. Seems like the 30% off is the best deal I have seen in the past 3 years. Wasn't paying attention before that. Can't speak to Black Friday. Have not checked before. May have to this year! We have 2 more cruises booked in 2021, but neither has any drink package offered yet at all. I keep looking to make sure we don't miss some early deal. :-)
  11. We were on Enchantment in May. I consider it the worst cruise ever! Keep in mind that any cruise is better than work though! 🙂 They had "propulsion problems" back then too. As far as I am concerned, the Captain needs to be fired. Totally incompetent. I say this because it is the Captains job to let people know what is going on. It is also his responsibility when things go wrong and to make sure his crew is trained and handling things properly. We were all left in the dark and every stop was a mess at best. The restaurant and bar staff were outstanding! The rest of the staff needed some training, and needed to be allowed to handle things better. At both Georgetown and Costa Maya the ship had so many problems getting set up to let people off. We were not told that we would be in port on time but then not allowed to leave for over an hour past the time listed in the schedule. They just let people stand in lines wondering what was going on. A simple announcement would have made all the difference! And the crew was not doing anything about crowd control. People started making multiple lines that then had to merge somehow leaving people who waited an hour right next to people who had just walked up. I guess they marked that up to the propulsion issues. Which, if they knew about, they could have told us there would be delays and stop lying about how everything will be on time or ready in just a few more minutes. I heard staff say "just a few more minutes" many times for over an hour. Even my experience with Next Cruise was bad. In the past we always found them very helpful in finding another cruise. The staff on Enchantment was horrible. He wasn't listening to us and his recommendations were nothing like what we were interested in. I know it may not be fair to add this, but this was my first time getting sent to the naughty room too. I have taken a power cord for my CPAP on many cruises before with no problems. It is not something I can sleep without. I understand they are recently enforcing the no extension cord rule. However, the experience from that was far from reasonable! I spent an hour and half dealing with inept people who promised one thing and then delivered nothing. That is a long story, so I am leaving the many details out which describe all the chances the crew had to resolve the problem quickly and easily. They didn't seem to care at all. They also were overwhelmed with over 250 people who had their power cords taken away. In the end I had a personal visit from an engineer who offered a ships reserve power cord for me to use. It should have never gotten that far! That was after another crew person told me I was on a waiting list since they were out of cords. If they were out, and we are at sea, how is there even a "waiting list". Poor planning on the part of the staff. You can't suddenly enforce a policy and not expect it to have repercussions. I wrote a long letter describing in detail the failings of the crew on that ship. RC did not even so much as acknowledge my letter to them. The propulsion was only part of the problems. The Captain failed to manage the ship in many more ways.
  12. We found a local travel agent. Funny how it happened! We are doing a group New Years Eve "brewpub road trip" party, and the people planning it also do cruises. They only do groups though. They agreed to do our group. So we are booked as a group and got some decent discounts. Only $50 OBC, but I think the rest of the deal will make that pretty close to if we wanted to book on board during our next cruise.
  13. Hmmm. I have looked into that, but the last 2 years a travel agent was the same price as regular online booking. That extra on board cash has come out better each time. Not that I refuse to believe you. I just have not had the same experience. Maybe I need to meet a better travel agent. I know naming them is forbidden on this board, or so I read somewhere. Not sure how to find a better one.
  14. I understand what you are saying! We have 3 other couples we hang around with a lot. We travel as a group a lot camping already. We are all stable life long married couples with at least 35 years of marriage each, yes to the same spouse. ;-) But ... I get what you are saying! I have been trying to get the others to go on a cruise with us for like 4 years now. They all said last year they were saving up for a 2021 cruise. It is not 2 years out now. It is only 15-16 months if we do January. Although, our last discussion was more like April. Either way, in my mind it is time to get serious and keep them thinking about it so they don't act surprised when I say put your money where your mouth is! I have paid down for many camp sites and gotten tickets for events we go to as a group for many years. They are all great about paying me back. However, a couple thousand dollars is a different level. That is why I would like to know all of my options and try to find one where they pay their own downpayment. Yet, we need to book at the same time. Getting rooms at least on the same floor and side would be best. Next door would be perfect! Now ... all of that said ... I have to admit ... there is one couple that has been known to back out after downpayments were made. I want them to pay up front the most! :-) Maybe I can get cash from each couple and still use my card to book.
  15. That is pretty much what I wondered. As a new cruiser, they can not be C&A members until they are booked already. So, no balcony discount for them. I also wonder if they are not members yet, then I wonder about the on board discount too. Unless we put the rooms in our names. Which, as is pointed out by others is a risk. I get that. Looking at better options so we don't get stuck with extra rooms! I always wonder about price increases. What we have seen over the past 7 years is that they do increase, but the discounts stay about the same. We can almost always get the buy one get second person half off. That has been around for the past year or more almost every time I look.
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