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  1. Never seen a really "adult" adult show. A few obvious innuendos and maybe even a little more descriptions, but never nudity and never any over the top jokes. I was on a cruise where a couple of kids snuck in to the front row and the performer pointed them out and poked fun at them, but no one made them leave! I think he toned things down a bit because of that. Through the cruise, I would see those kids together, but never with any adults. I was kind of frustrated because on departure day those kids were hiding behind some curtains in the lounge. It got me wondering if they wer
  2. We use Southwest. We have rebooked our flight 3 times so far and with the new extension to April, we will be doing it again. Never a fee. Although, booking as soon as the flight is available, like 6-9 months in advance, gets the best price. Booking with only 4 months advance is always more expensive. These changes are making our flight go up in cost! Although after our March cruise just got cancelled, our next one is in October, so we may get a better price that far out. I have not looked yet today.
  3. If we use our FCC from December for the final payment on our March Cruise, which is 7 days, and then we have a 1 day break at the port followed by a 5 day cruise. If RCL decides we can't cruise again so soon, will that be considered them canceling and not me so we can get our FCC back to use again later in the year?
  4. OK. After reading many months worth of invoices and the confusion where they do not add up the same due to mistakes on some ... it looks like that is the right amount. They sent one to each of us, one for me and one for my wife. They sent her's to her and mine to me. They look the same so I think we each thought they were the same credit. We still need the refunds for fees and taxes. Then there is some confusion on the package purchases. I am not sure if I finished the online questionnaire thing that had to be done to get packages credit. They sure don't make this easy to fo
  5. Got a FCC coupon thing in an email. But, it's just a little over half of what it should be. *****?
  6. We used a discount TA for a December cruise. Now we need to do something. It is simple enough to lift and shift to next December. However, the TA has that same sailing with a better room selection than RC has online. If we were to take the FCC, how long will it be until it is ready for us to use so we can book the cruise with the online TA. We would rather have the better room location. While I am at it, anyone know if drink packages are part of the 125% Cruise Planner Purchases? Will they just refund the drink package, or give us the 125% credit for the next cruise?
  7. They have been offering a 40% off deal off and on all summer and fall. How much longer they will depends on when they start sailing again. Of course demand drives it too. In my experience, the 40% off deals are as good as it gets. I would for sure watch on Black Friday to see what happens. I tend to check every day what the price is. They usually go to no deal at all in a morning and the leads to a change in the offer later that day. That day is not static. It is kind of unpredictable.
  8. Beer is like $7 or 8. Shots and liquor drinks are $11-13. Some specialties are more. If you are thinking about the deluxe package, keep in mind that includes special coffee's, fresh squeezed juice at breakfast, juice anytime at a bar, and soda. So, if you are going to get those things between alcohol drinks, add them up too.
  9. The outlet in the bathroom is not a normal plug. It is a special kind of "shaver" only plug.
  10. The beaches there are either all great or all suck. When the seaweed is rolling in, it doesn't matter where you go. They are all yucky. I will add that Maya Chan has really great food and drinks included in the price. Long ride to get there, but they treat you right.
  11. We were going to be Diamond after April already. So this really doesn't change anything for us.
  12. People can't be honest with transparency. The follow up should be transparent. But initial discussions need to be closed. Once they come to some kind of understanding, then they can be transparent. Of course, if they can not come to a common understanding, then the lack of transparency after makes it transparent that they can not agree on what comes next.
  13. Last cruise I had between 12 and 17 per day. My wife had at least 8. Who drinks less when on a cruise? It's not like you have to drive home or anything! Start the day with coffee and a shot. So many other options. Bloody Mary's. Plenty of cream liquors for shots. Rum and coke to add some caffeine later. A couple glasses of wine with dinner. Some tasty shots like a B52. Sipping a shot of really good bourbon or rum. Ice cream drinks. Fruity Drinks. You paid for them, so why not tray a shot of everything behind the bar over the week to taste things you would not otherwise. It's not
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