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  1. Along these lines, we got all our refunds/good alternatives, except first class airfare from delta. They said we had to use before end of the year, sigh. Today received notice it’s now 2 years! So except from our extreme disappointment about the trip at least we are whole again. Thanks, Delta, Avalon and best of luck to all.
  2. Do you have to use by dec 31?
  3. Sounds like your on delta, I have the same issue. Our return is May 3 and they are on doing through April 30. Our insurance had a pandemic clause so we are out the money. We are not doing anything about flights and hoping they change the policy.
  4. We had a 2200 dollar policy, it won’t cover us there was an exclusion for pandemic. I guess the lesson is buy cancel for any reason insurance. Costs a ton more but......sigh.
  5. Well, good luck with that.
  6. Imagine the people currently in the middle of a river cruise with flights back to the US now stopped. Be glad your at home, I cant imagine what we would do or how, if we were on the cruise (Rhine) we had with Avalon last year. I mean seriously what do you do if halfway? not a cruise but my brother-in-law and his wife went to Cairo two days ago starting a 15 day tour, now that they are there, the tour is cancelled and the company is scrambling to get 35 people back before Friday. again be glad your home, go on the cruise another time.
  7. If my first time on Avalon, yes that would concern me. But not anymore, sounds like to me they are going. I agree with previous post three days is generous, who knows where this ends up? Just have to remain positive. So We just got word our trip next month has been cancelled by the tour company, but that was Italy. I wish I was on a river cruise!
  8. There is a way to find out at least what the boats are doing on your tour if you want to work at a little. Find your tour that is active now, note the name of the boat. Go to cruisemapper.com click on river cruises and enter the boats name. Then you can track it as often as you wish. You can even click on the ports and see the schedule boats in and out. so would take some effort but the data is there.
  9. I know this is hard on people with year long plans, I’ve got those to Italy and am myself waiting for the hammer to fall on that. But I respect Globus for taking action.
  10. yes, got there about 4pm, went to music museum, then we walked around town some, had Rüdesheim coffee and a snack, then back to ship for dinner around 7. However the ship did not leave until 4am. We didn’t understand that if we had we would have eaten dinner in town just for a change.
  11. Did this cruise last April. We got into Cologne right right about breakfast time. If I recall the excursion we took left the ship around 10 Am. We got a little bored with it and left on our own after getting to the church area. Hint, there is a bar/restaurant to the left across the street as you look at the front of the church. It is fun, great food and of course the local beer. We hung out there for several hours. I think it was Gaffel Kolsch. Kolsch is the famous beer that Cologne is known for. I was wrong we got in at 2 departed that evening 10:30
  12. Your correct small stuff is needed I forgot about the guides and stuff. Regardless just go to any atm and withdraw. Euros are easy to come across
  13. Or pay the tip thing in advance. Yes you can prepay tips.
  14. Ok, I think most of Us thought the detailed planning was on the river cruise not pre or post days. Sure everyone plans those, but while your on the cruise it’s a lot different. As one poster said you need to relax and take what comes. Things can and will change, river might be high might be low, a lock might be broke, just go with the flow. I know this will be difficult, but pretty much forget everything about ocean cruising because it does not relate to river cruising. Well they are both boats and all of that, but that’s pretty much it.
  15. Nothing to worry about. They give you plenty of notice. Many people sign up the day of but I wouldn’t do that. But at happy hour the day before they talk about “tomorrow” that’s likely last chance to be sure you get it. thanks this brought back good memories.
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