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  1. Probably doesn't help you but I was in a situation where my assigned roommate (this was booked with a group)decided not to go. I was worried I would have to pay the single supplement. I didn't. You aren't supposed to tell the cruise "My roommate canceled".
  2. This is for the Jewel but any NCL ship (not sure if this would range per ship). I saw on a daily that on 1 night from 7-10 there was a "lady's night in thermal spa". I know there is a fee for this, however how is this any different from any other time in the spa since the spa is open until 10 anyway???
  3. Do any of you have a link to the menu on the Jewel (or on any NCL ship) since it went complimentary?
  4. I would have loved to have been booked on it. They are giving you a very generous "gift" due to it getting canceled. If you would be out a lot of $$$ from the flights, I would still go to Europe and make it a land vacation.
  5. Thanks. Disappointing that lunch at Tsar's is the same everyday. I thought they had different specials each day along with the general options you can get throughout the cruise. How was the chicken salad sandwich and the cheesesteak if you had them?
  6. Thank you! I'm hoping to do the same sailing at the end of the month. Question, what do the asteriks mean on the menu next to the salmon and chowder?
  7. You need to do the math. Basic math skills is needed. Often times booking just a room and any perks a la carte, versus a "special" comes out the same price or cheaper. (I said often, not always before someone says "That's not always true").
  8. Why would you make this post and not say how much you bid?
  9. I'm trying to find a last minute special on that sailing. Does anyone know what happens if you are sailing solo? Like if a minimum is $150 per person, is it then double for me?
  10. Alaskashoretours- no availability for any date in july or august. tells me that they contracted every trip with cruise companies in order for the cruises to make more $$ akhummer- they do allow online bookings however some dates are blocked.
  11. That's what I'm wondering. My assigned person was really pushy. He said the advantage with booking with him was that I would get a "personalized experience". There were no freebies.
  12. Ketchikan to me the most touristy, followed by Juneau. What would you want to do there? I think it's important to remember that you are a tourist... The least touristy part of Alaska that I have been to actually seemed to be Anchorage.
  13. They just told me to always book direct with the cruise line. I think these companies are starting to realize that they should only be exclusive deals with the cruise companies and to not let people book independently...
  14. If I call up to reserve a cruise by calling (not the particular person assigned to you...I cannot stand mine), does whoever answer the phone get a commission?
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