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  1. Both of them say yes, but many people say no on Quantum. I've also seen on a website with layouts and descriptions where people say that the gym has them, but then people on youtube said the fitness center has no locker room with no steam room. On RC's website it just says that amenities vary on ship so I emailed them but I don't expect to hear back anytime soon.
  2. I'm reading different things about this online. Does the fitness center have bathrooms that have a steam room available, or is it steam room free where you have to buy a spa pass if you want to use it in the spa? On many cruises that I have been on, there are 2 sets of steam rooms. The fancy ones in the spa, and the complimentary ones in the gym. Employees don't advertise that there are complimentary steam rooms and saunas because they want you to buy a thermal spa package. Has anyone here actually used the fitness center bathroom who can confirm this?
  3. I saw on RC's website that you can now bring up to 12 cans of soda with you on emarkment day, however can you bring them onboard on a port day?
  4. Yeah when I first heard about Icy Strait I had a feeling it was another tourist trap created by the cruiselines. That said I have heard that it's a good place to just go whale watching from land without paying for a tour. I'm just up for somewhere that isn't Ketchikan or Skagway.
  5. From a RC blog, it looks like they have 3 studio interiors and 12 studio ocean view cabins. Info may be out of date though (it's from 2016). You had me curious so I looked on RC's website. In the plan for 4/4/21-4/24/22 it looks like they will have 15 studio oceanviews on deck 4,
  6. So any Alaskan cruise would have worked as long as it was 7 days and on RC?
  7. Yeah lol, I don't plan trips way in advance for that reason. I need more instant gratification :)
  8. How is that different though? Aside from Juneau, Victoria, and Dawes, the rest is the same. I'm just confused with the language. I never thought they would let me switch considering Ovation had plenty of dates next summer with the same room category.
  9. Me too. I didn't think they would let me switch ships since the itinerary is different, but they did. Looking at old emails when I booked last I had an oceanview guarantee on NCL which cost $753 including insurance, and then on an interior guarantee on NCL it cost $527 (no insurance). When I saw the price with a balcony, I finally decided to get one :)
  10. Just wanted to share this because I know that there aren't that many studio balconies with unobstructed views. I booked my July 31 sailing on Ovation less than 2 weeks ago after using a website to look up prices which I cannot mention on here. I got the 7 night cruise for $924 including my choice of $55 OBC or insurance (I ended up getting both because they made an error in the listing). Naturally the cruise was canceled. I looked at the dates for next year and with the exception of one sailing, all the cabins left had obstructed views in their studio balconies. I did see an itinerary that I liked more than the one on Ovation on the Quantum (I've been on 2 Alaskan cruises before on NCL which were the same 7 night northern one out of Vancouver). That sailing had most of their unobstructed views left. I asked the agency I booked with if they could lift and switch me to that ship and they said that would probably be okay but that they had to check with RC because it was a different itinerary. I heard back and they were successful in getting me on that ship using the pricelock feature of the lift and shift promo. This was my first experience using an agency (as well as with RC) and they left me with a good impression. Just wanted to share that it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm very excited because I've never been to Sitka or Icy Strait which are on this itinerary. This also is the first time where I have a cruise booked this far in advance (with the last 2 cruises, I booked within 2 weeks of the sail date because that's how I was able to get a much more reasonable rate as a solo cruiser). I have over a year to be excited instead of 2 weeks :)
  11. It looks like they have already closed the Alaskan July bookings on their website because it says to pick another date. My cruise was for July 31 =/ I would lift and switch it but I was in a studio room with a non obstructed balcony and those are already gone. I guess it was worth the risk even though I did give RC an interest free loan.
  12. I think you meant to quote someone else.
  13. It may depend on your age as I don't know if there's that many people say past 45 looking strictly for uh something casual and fun. I went on a Caribbean cruise with friends in my early 20s. Met a ton of 20somethings and there definitely was a lot of "hooking up" going on. This was on a NCL ship before they became solo cruiser friendly. I went on 2 Alaskan cruises solo also on NCL. Neither had solo cabins. The first time I did meet someone and kept in touch with him after the cruise for a little bit (yeah we probably would have dated if we lived near each other). I met him in a hot tub. At the time I was too shy to go to the solo cruiser events. The last time was last year. I did go to the solo cruisers hosted meets and overall had a good time. There was someone I was crushing on, but he wasn't interested lol. I think generally if you show your face constantly at night in the clubs, you will probably meet someone just for fun. I just don't really do the club thing as I've never liked the atmosphere of them.
  14. Okay so I'm revisiting my old posts and have a response for you lmao. Sorry that it's almost my 1 year anniversary of my post! I had a guarantee interior cabin (what I called the inferior cabin heheh). I was invited to bid so I bid on the oceanview for every bid and never won. My cabin was okay. It was the last one down on my floor and next to wear the crew does laundry. It definitely felt smaller than the oceanview cabin that I had on the Sun 2 years prior (also was a guaranteed cabin), but the layout was completely different so that may have been why. TBH for me the location of where an interior cabin is located is not an issue since there is no view anyway, I'm fine not being down an elevator, and I'm fine wearing ear plugs to sleep. When I was on the Sun, my guaranteed oceanview was great (although I would never sail on the Sun again but that's another story!). My room had a comfortable layout (I was by myself though), and it was on the floor where the crew leaves the art for the art shows so I often saw them bring back and forth paintings. There were hardly any cabina there so it was quiet. I had a HUGE port hole with no obstructions. That said, it was on the same floor as where the walking/jogging path was so every now and then I would see people walking by (not a problem). On glacier days, people did often obstruct the view though since many would watch against the railing. It was a great spot for me because I was just a few cabins down to open the outside door and could watch there too.
  15. Yeah I typically just bring a carry on and have just brought it on with me. It's not paranoia, I just don't see it as an inconvenience as say large luggage. Do you think there's less of a wait getting their early or getting there late? I've never been to the Port of Seattle, but to bypass long lines when waiting to leave, can you just walk a bit to catch the bus to take you to the light rail, or just walk away from the port to wait by yourself? Unrelated how are you doing in WA right now?
  16. Did it smell good to you when you were in the casino on Ovation?
  17. Okay this is good to know. I figured they would downgrade you instead of upgrade you, but my agent thought the opposite. For me it's a bigger issue because I'm in a studio balcony room.
  18. Okay thank you. I've just read all different things on here, but wasn't sure if maybe they changed their ventilation system, or made it nonsmoking altogether. I just saw that for $25, I get 2 drinks an $25 free play, but will skip now.
  19. Yeah that's why I asked. Normally I do fly in the day before a cruise, but there's several connections on Alaska from where I live to Seattle. I'll just Uber in. I think that ends up being more expensive for me (again 1 person) than doing a RC affiliated shuttle, but at least I wouldn't have to wait and wait. I just thought that the incentive (aside from convenience) of booking cruise transportation was a gurantee like they do with excursions. Have you been to the port of Seattle? Is embarkment and disembarkment as bad as I think it is based on the number of people on Ovation? I usually like to be one of the last ones on the cruise ship, and one of the first to leaves (I don't need valet assistance with luggage). Ovation would be the largest ship that I have ever been on and my first RC.
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