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  1. During port days, how do you protect yourselves from searing temperatures? During our last cruise, I put an ice wrapped towel around my shoulders/neck to keep cool. Are there better alternatives to protect oneself from hot temperatures? Thanks,
  2. For our sailing on the Horizon, our muster station is the casino. My daughter is allergic to smoke - I called and emailed Carnival. Their response was for me to talk to Guest Services when we board. Has anyone been able to request a different muster location? If yes, can you please share how? Thanks
  3. Thank-you all for providing so much information. At the risk of sounding paranoid, is it safe to venture into town (San Miguel, Cozumel) using a taxi? I'm with wife and teenage daughter. From other posts in the forum, others have indicated that taxi drivers in Cozumel can be 'aggressive'. Thank-you!
  4. Hi Essiesmom, Mallow, richbum, WashCoCruisers, Butterbean1000 Thank-you for helping this 'rookie' cruiser with your suggestions - Much appreciated! All of your suggestions are very helpful (especially the 'Vanilla' tip 🙂 )
  5. Hi; Instead of booking cruise line or private excursions, we would like to venture on our own close to the ports (Ocho Rios, Cozumel and Grand Cayman). If you have done something similar, can you please share your DIY itinerary or recommend something similar? Thanks
  6. Hi; We're flying in late Saturday night (9:30 PM) for our cruise on Sunday. We're staying close to the airport but won't have a car and are thinking of ordering food using one of the 'food delivery service'. Have you had any experience with either Grubhub, Skipthedishes, Ubereats, etc? Any suggestions please? Thanks,
  7. Hi RWolver672; Thank-you for confirming. Our daughter collects them, so this will be a nice addition to her collection. [But we're nowhere close to your collection :) - This is only our third cruise, so we have ways to go]. Thanks again
  8. Hi; We'll be sailing on the Horizon in Aug - Do they sell souvenir ship models in the ship stores? On our past cruise (Conquest), we're able to buy one and the lady who sold it to us was very nice - She advised us that we could get it autographed by the ship captain in the casino (apparently, the captain has a meet and greet on one of the nights?) Thanks,
  9. Hi; We booked a Guaranteed Balcony on Carnival Horizon on Mar 22nd for 6-Day Sail on Aug 18th out of Miami. Yesterday, we got assigned our Balcony Cabin on Deck 11 - Almost 100 days prior to sailing. I was stressing that we may have to wait much closer to sailing to find out. I just wanted to share the news in case others are waiting for their cabin assignment.
  10. Hi; I don't have issues with recommended gratuities - However, if we are going to dine in specialty restaurants for half of our cruise, is there a more fairer way to tip the specialty dining staff? To tip the specialty dining staff more equitably, should we tip them similar to what we would tip at a regular 'high-end' restaurant? Thanks
  11. Hi Gettys84, I purposely signed up to Cruisecritic so that I could say thank-you. We're cruising on the Horizon in August and your review has been amazing and very helpful - Thank-you!
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