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  1. American used its frequent flyer program as collateral for loans during covid. Several years ago when US Air merged with American , the US Air Management took over. I noticed immediate decline in attention to its frequent flyers. for example in the old days when I traveled with my wife and we both had a total of 102 pounds of suitcase, they did not care. Then for a while when I had 51 pounds and my wife had 49, they made me, in the concourse, open my bags to move a little from one suitcase to another. Totally crazy. By end of 2019, it reverted back to old school. Customer ser
  2. This is a link to profitability study, not the one I was looking for but interesting and its based on 2018 Per passenger, NCL makes the most profit, Carnival the least, RCL is in the middle. https://thehustle.co/the-economics-of-cruise-ships/ RCL earns about 2 billion before taxes. With about 40 ships thats about 137,000 a day per ship on average, but as we know averages vary for different reasons. but its not the 200k plus per day that the article reports , and I do not know why. Anyway good read. and it shows that RCL is making a nice profit but
  3. The old adage "there is no such thing as a free lunch" applies here. The tell, as discussed before, is once the cruise lines get back to a fairly normal experience, what will "occupancy" be like? RCL the umbrella company reports 104% occupancy (3 or 4 to a cabin does that) before COVID--and they and we should know 6-10 months after all ships are going and getting things ironed out. If all the people who have AI and did not really want it because they do not drink, then spots at bars and other venues should not be any busier than before. Now, I
  4. I believe They still need the data for who drinks what. and still need the cards to prove you have the premium plan. That data will tell them a lot in trends going all ways, and the future is dependent on how they interpret the data. I agree sometimes the bar tender may forget to enter info, but in many instances, the server in dining rooms (easier in Luminae and Blu) will remember the diner and know what to do at the computer because that's also control over how loosey goosey the crew is with serving drinks (ie, if 200 people just want one drink at dinner, why fill it t
  5. The wine I drink is the $9 a glass variety on board.. I can and do buy a case of it at home for $5 a bottle (Cruise lines probably get it for 4 or less, also considering the wine company gets advertising exposure. Its the same price at local restaurants per glass, but if you buy a bottle at a restaurant its $34. Celebrity cannot be too much different. I did learn from our kids when they were in college. They called it pre drink--before going out to a restaurant or bar, they had a couple of drinks in the Sorority house with a much lower cost, then milk a drink for an ho
  6. I was just being sarcatic with the propaganda comment. But my question for the undercover bosses, and the show, is do they create more problems by giving big gifts out to just some employees when others think they are entitled to that too?
  7. are you saying its propaganda via the business network? (sarc) There was a saying some 40 years ago MBWA- Management By Walking Around. The CEO needs to get the heck out of his or her office and actually see whats happening. It was not meant for show. It was meant for productivity improvement by cutting down errors, and wasteful activities, not cracking a whip to get people to work harder and faster. Current relevant examples: 1) CDC suddenly will be able to turn around results on a trial cruise in 5 days vs 60. The paperwork was just gathering dust at some desk. N
  8. Disney gets an intangible premium price because its the Disney "thing". Kids want to go on it and thus families too. And it also has the "keeping up with the neighbors" aspect going for it. Having said that, It might be interesting to go on a Disney cruise when schools are in session. Assuming the prices are not too premium. I wonder if they adjust the theme of the cruises to fit adults. Got to go over to a Disney thread.
  9. Remember, business is about brand differentiation, however, good ideas are copied. Once they play out as good ideas. As I say this, I wonder how many Cruise line execs will take a cruise on another line to get a feel for what they actually deliver. Then travel on their own to compare. I think its called benchmarking. ~20 years ago I had lunch with the exec VP of a restaurant chain. Went to one of his places. Upscale. He ordered, of all things, Mac and Cheese. When he got it, he tasted it and excused himself from the table and said he would be right back. He
  10. Don't tell or push that concept to the 537 elected officials in DC. Any 537, at any time.
  11. Den: LOL-losing it. We all are. Do not forget the relaxed casual dinner where you or your better half do not have to drive anywhere, days at sea where one can sit at the sunset or oceanview bars reading or listening to music or having a 3 hour happy hour (with the same better half), or have a drink at lunch knowing the afternoon is not work. Or listening to music late night with a nice cup of specialty coffee. Or playing a game, etc. Its not the tipsy aspect, its the reality in the morning you have to work out a bit extra to take care of it all. Or walk around an islan
  12. the all in cost of Celebrity compare to Royal was higher for Royal for a 2022 TA cruise from FL to Barcelona I think it Anthem, vs M Class both balcony,adjusted for drinks and internet and grats. Also did a compare of Reflection 11 night to Edge 7 night, and dollar wise Reflection was just slightly more but of course 4 more nights. Aqua Class and the indulge package for both. Cost per day is another good metric. We all have our own views, thankfully, as to (perceived) value. And for me that can change like the direction of the wind. And once you deci
  13. A suggestion: on the AI upcharge, start a separate thread Solo Cruises AI upcharge That might get some broader attention. But word it to include other cruise lines like NCL and possible some of the true premium cruise lines. to make it less specific to any one cruise line to draw broader interest. It does not make a difference how they package and price it word , if you have to pay for 2 complete passengers for one passenger, there some inequities there. The Cabin Steward is going to spend the same time for one as two, I would use 2 full internet conn
  14. It is an oldie but goodie borrowed from the business sector. OMG My wife and I are pretty much old school. We normally do not spend freely, we buy nice cars, keep them in good shape and thus keep them for a long time. And we as I mentioned before normally do not go out for expensive meals, and I think some of the prices now are ridiculous compared to dining at home. Yet will will do that from time to time. However, there are times we splurge, and vacations are one of those times. Cruises especially. I have said that the service levels on Celebrity (not the front office
  15. this goes back to my lowest common denominator comment--you can please some of the people some or most of the time, but not all the people all the time. if 2800 people on a ship want specific custom treatment, it ain't gonna happen. It's one of those iron clad rules of life. And if this AI program is successful for Celebrity, measured by overall occupancy levels and income, it will search for ways to expand the premium perception (just by packaging it differently, not actually providing more service-increased demand =higher prices). And if it is not succes
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