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  1. What a depressing thread........I'll be very interested indeed to read the first reports from passengers returning once things start up again. Until then, I think I'll holiday in the UK for a while. 😀
  2. This says it all - and now everyone's going to think they're 'special' so they can ignore the rules!
  3. The message this sends out is appalling - and it's telling everyone that the rules don't really matter any more. Cummings was heavily involved in writing those rules. He knew exactly what they meant, as did the PM. Thousands of other people with far less money followed them at great personal sacrifice, but Cummings (on a huge salary with plenty of other options, unlike most of us) decided they didn't apply to him, and the PM has now confirmed that they didn't. Clear message now for once - forget the rules everyone, they don't matter any more. Get out there, do as you
  4. Well that was a confusing mess last night from Boris Johnson, wasn't it? Vague, no detail, confusing 'Stay Alert' (alert to what?) message - all the usual bluster and waffle, and nothing of much use to anyone. Just more questions. Feel very sorry for employers with employees 'encouraged' to return to work this morning - how were they supposed to contact their employees last night? What to tell them? What responsibilities do they have? How do the employees get to work if they're advised not to use public transport? What about the quarantine imposed on people coming
  5. Yet another testing foul up I'm afraid. And as the Telegraph says (and this is a government supporting paper!), the UK has failed to meet the 100,000 a day testing target every day for the last week, and only 'met' it once ever by posting 40,000 testing kits to people at home to fiddle the figures! No wonder we've got the second highest death rate in the world after the US, a much larger country. This is a tragic performance by our government, for which they should be deeply ashamed. We'll see what the PM has to say later today, but I guess he'll be saying how well we've done, a
  6. Hang on a minute, there - you might like to read this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8120501/Draconian-shutdown-measures-18-MONTHS-coronavirus-report-warns.html Sorry it's the Mail, but government supporters distrust the Guardian and most of the others are paywalled. Italy Spain and Germany were urging us to follow suit, Italy in particular, but we took no action because somebody right at the top thought there were better uses for his time while those critical Cobra meetings were taking place.
  7. Actually, the NHS didn't cope. If it had, our death rate per million population wouldn't be on a par with Italy's - the worst in Europe. It appeared to cope because people dying weren't allowed anywhere near a hospital - particularly those in care homes, where huge numbers of deaths took place and are still taking place. And all because we were a month late, ignoring advice from Italy, in taking any real action - still allowing people to go to major racing and sports events way after the horse had bolted.
  8. He did a lot of modelling work on Foot and Mouth (and on various other diseases) - and he was awarded the OBE for his work on Foot and Mouth. He wasn't discredited, and is one of the world's most influential disease modellers. This was a stupid error of judgement (like Boris Johnson declaring on the day that SAGE advised against shaking hands that he'd carry on shaking hands) for which he's paid the price. Shame - we need people of his calibre to advise our lacklustre politicians.
  9. Glad you're OK - on the bright side, you've hopefully now got immunity.
  10. Not every government, no. But take a look at an impartial view of the situation in the UK from the viewpoint of a quality Australian newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald. They have no political axe to grind, but they're clearly stunned by the failure to take timely action here, bearing in mind that we now have the worst death rate in Europe. It doesn't make pleasant reading, particularly for anyone who's lost someone in a care home. https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/biggest-failure-in-a-generation-where-did-britain-go-wrong-20200428-p54o2d.html 'Biggest failure in a
  11. I'm not sure how much you know about the situation in the UK, but it's become very clear over the last few days, following a detailed report in the Times (Coronavirus: 38 days when Britain sleepwalked into disaster), that the government acted far too late - it's one of the reasons our NHS workers are facing shortages of protective equipment, and it's one of the reasons our death rate is now heading for Italy's. There were no queues outside hospitals, but people still died, and the 20,000 deaths now reported don't include thousands of deaths in care homes and elsewhere. These are just the hos
  12. Pensions are a very relevant point here - they help to pay for cruises, and this thread is all about whether people will cruise again. So many people having a go at younger people - stereotyping an entire generation. And the point is, though so few people seem to get it, that while we may be paying taxes too their generation are largely footing the bill for our pensions and all the other costs that skyrocket as we get older. As you sit in your house bought many years ago at maybe a tiny fraction of what it would cost now, spare a thought for young people who have no chance of ever buying on
  13. I think you're missing the point - what he said was this: "Quite how you read a post about younger people paying for the pensions and healthcare costs of older people as in any way suggesting it's anybody's fault escape me! Why be so negative about any group of people? Try not to create intergenerational disharmony - it achieves nothing for anybody, and that's been the thrust of every post I've made on this." You were the one being referred to as negative, and I agree. It's very easy to criticise young people, without having tha ability to appreciate thei
  14. I wonder how P&O would react if customers decided they'd ignore the terms and conditions - just as P&O are doing? I think we know the answer to that one. Something on the lines of - "Sorry, can't pay the final balance. Run out of money." Much like what P&O are doing. Can you really ever trust a company, now or in the future when things return to normal, if it's prepared to ignore its legal obligations? What else does it sweep under the carpet?
  15. They sure did - but they didn't publicly attack us on forums like this! Why so much vitriol from older people here? Can't you just live and let live? Just a very small number of posters here astute enough to appreciate that attacking the very people who currently make the largest contribution to our NHS and our pensions is a pretty odd way to behave. This really can be a very unpleasant forum sometimes - no wonder so few younger people want to join in and be got at! Why is there all this constant sniping at younger people?
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