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  1. So, for example, if you're looking for a suite on A012 (Azura) and try to book Select, no matter how you try you only get the one option. Trying to choose a suite (one of the points of Select) just gives you no choice at all, and this message: "None of the rooms are available" Presumably, then, that means that there is only the one suite left to book? It doesn't even tell you which one it is!
  2. Could anybody offer some advice on this please? It used to be possible to check prices and availability for individual cabins and suites on the P&O website quite simply, but it now seems to be impossible. You could even put a particular cabin into search, but that's gone too. Is there still a way to do it online either with P&O or anywhere else please? Or is calling a TA now the only way to find out exactly what's still available, and at what price? Seems crazy to me.......❓
  3. Cruises are getting a bad reputation because these things do happen now. A few years back it would have been unthinkable, but the sad fact now is that the the people cruising have changed, and not for the better.
  4. As I recall, docco was reporting problems he was having while on Azura, or maybe Ventura. He was reporting live from whichever ship it was, and he was also reporting the failure to do anything about those problems. I didn't see it in the way you do, because he also (as he says a few posts above) reported the positives. I believe that's called balancing the good as well as the bad. You don't seem to like hard facts being reported, but I do, because it encourages P&O to become more responsive to customers.
  5. True, but people do tend to hang around with like-minded people. P&O is changing fast, and so are its target customers. Fewer professionals, fewer people who've been through higher education, for example. No particular view on that - it may well be a very good thing. But if you're more comfortable with, say, professional people, you won't find that many on P&O these days. Some, obviously, but many won't touch lines like P&O (or cruising per se) with a bargepole. Quite a change from 20 years back.
  6. Interesting comments suggesting P&O might actually be cheaper than the independent providers! All I'm looking for really is a Hermitage visit (at a time when it's not too crowded), a visit inside the Church on the Spilt Blood, and some free time for shopping. TJ Travel do a very comprehensive 2 day tour for $210 which includes all that, plus a lot more, but if I can do it for less with P&O that's great news.
  7. Much appreciate the suggestions so far. Several possibilities. Does anyone happen to have details of the P&O tours and prices please, for comparison? Can't get at these yet on the Cruise Personaliser. Also, has anyone tried (or have views on) this one please? https://st-petersburg-tours.ru/two-day-standard-group-st-petersburg-shore-excursion
  8. I'd appreciate any advice on the best tour options for St Petersburg, without personal visas. I'm assuming that P&O will be the most expensive option by some margin, but what I'm looking for is something that includes the Hermitage (ideally at a time when it's not too crowded - evening perhaps?), the onion domes, and maybe some free time just wandering. What else is a 'must'? And which are the best third party tour operators? Many thanks!
  9. Great idea - love Cork by the way. And the whole of Ireland - a beautiful country. I suspect you'll soon be re-unified with the north too, the way things are going.
  10. Rome's a great place just to walk around - though you could do a few miles. Just the cost of the basic transport (still ludicrously expensive) to the city (dropoff near the Vatican) and then wander round the main sites.
  11. Brexit indeed: One little-noticed culprit: Brexit. The U.K.’s on-again-off-again exit from the European Union has rattled the region’s economy and put consumers there on edge. That makes it tougher for Carnival to attract local customers to those cruise routes. Ah those Brexit dividends we keep getting promised by the Leave Liars.......
  12. But not, presumably Carnival, P&O, Cunard etc etc: https://therising.co/2019/06/05/carnival-cruise-lines-to-pay-20-million-in-environmental-damages/ Obviously we all make our own choices, but I do expect some degree of integrity from companies I buy from, and it's clearly not coming from Carnival companies. I know the others also play fast and loose with the regulations, but Carnival stands out as particularly cavalier, and the recent cynical emails about bits of plastic are just an attempt at a cover-up coming as it does just after some massively bad international publicity for major pollution issues. If it were accidental it would be bad enough, but it clearly isn't accidental.
  13. This doesn't sound remotely like a company trying to make amends: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/carnival-cruise-company-20-million-pollution-violations-settlement-today-2019-06-03/ Yet another huge pollution fine for Carnival, and comments like this: "Time and time again, Carnival has shown its contempt of environmental laws and the rule of law. Here we are again."
  14. Sadly no - because the sludge produced is being dumped at sea, polluting the oceans. Scrubbers are being used to avoid cruise companies using more expensive low-sulphur fuels, but they don't remotely solve the pollution problem. That's the concern.
  15. You've obviously not read or understood the article. The fines prove conclusively how little heed Carnival and its operating companies such as P&O pay to environmental laws or the environment. "While the cruise industry’s behavior over the last two years, and frankly the last twenty, shows how little concern they have for keeping our oceans clean. Carnival Corporation — the largest cruise company on the planet — recently stated that “their environmental responsibility has been and continues to be top priority… our aspiration is to leave the places we touch even better than when we first arrived.” The criminal conviction of Carnival for polluting our oceans prove that their words are just empty rhetoric." The recent red-herring email from P&O (doubtless reciprocated by other Carnival companies) about plastic straws etc is just another cynical attempt to cover over the real pollution they continue to cause. And yes, I do agree that it's hypocritical to continue to cruise with Carnival companies - but I am cutting down!
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