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  1. What bird says is correct. If you are booking online, the corrected gratuity for the child as passenger 2 with the soda package will show up once you enter their DOB on the reservation. I think the soda pkg grats are $13.98 for a 7d cruise.
  2. Much to my surprise I received two credits on my credit card on 4/22. This was for payments on two cabins for an August Bermuda cruise that I cancelled on 4/3 before final payment was due. I was not expecting it so quickly. It actually took me a minute to figure out why my CC balance was so low. I received the cruise next certificates back in my account within 5 days of cancelling and then the balance of the deposits took 19 days. Far less than the 90 days "quoted".
  3. Our CN deposits reappeard in my account within 48hrs. of the FCC and bonus FCC being issued
  4. We got our FCC and Bonus FCC for our cancelled 3/22 cruise posted to our accounts the day before it was to depart 3/21. The Cruise Next Certs were also back in my account. We used the FCC's, the 20% discount, and CN certs the next day to book a December cruise. To answer your question, the 20% extra discount is deducted after the 30% discount (keep in mind that was from an inflated retail price). The left over FCC (about $1000) was sitting in my account the day after. Today, we booked an August 2021 cruise with the balance of FCC, and again got 20% additional fare reduction on passenger 1 & 2.
  5. We were supposed to be on the Joy right now. The cruise was cancelled on Friday 3/13. The FCC was issued on Saturday, 3/21. We used it to re-book on Sunday for a cruise over Christmas.
  6. That is absolutely true. I paid for NCL in full, November '19. So they have had about $8500 of our money since then. But I chose to look at this as I am "earning" on my investment. In Decmeber 2020, we will cruise on an equally valued cruise, along with $1600 of additional services (OBC and left over FCC)... So, I will look at it as getting $10,100 of value from my $8500 investment (over an 18% return in one year). In my eyes, that's a good deal - considering every other investment most of us have has taken a fairly big hit this month! I understand and empathize for those who do need their money, and now must wait 90 days to get it back...However, if you are able, the 25% FCC bonus, 20% extra cruise discount by booking now, and other perks available can be viewed as a good value.
  7. To offer a perspective on USING the FCC/bonus/and 20% extra discount, we booked a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean over Christmas this December yesterday afternoon. From our perspective we got a great deal given all the bonuses offered. We are sad that we are not somewhere off the coast of Baja California right now, but we are now sailing on the same ship (the Joy) over Christmas in an Aft Haven (same cabin) for less than we had paid for the cruise that was cancelled, PLUS we received another $600 in OBC given the current promo. I still have just under $1000 in FCC left. I was also told that this balance could be used to pre-purchase excursions and other add-ons/upgrades for this cruise. Hope everyone stays healthy and we are all be enjoying cruising again soon!
  8. We were to sail today on the Joy. Got the FCC letter last night and double checked all the math this morning against all our payments. Each of us received our own FCC and bonus. My FCC was $500 less, but the two CN certificates are back in my NCL account. our 25% bonus FCC was calculated by including our Fare, Taxes/port fees, free at sea grats, our upgrade to premium plus bev package, and prepaid DSC.
  9. it looks like she needed to move aside to allow the Gem to dock based on the port cam. or maybe another ship is on it's way inbound too and they need both slips
  10. Then take the 100% cash back... I'm not disagreeing with you that the pricing moving forward may be an issue, but...at least there is an option to just get your money back and walk away. I agree with Jamie and feel bad for those who understandably jumped onto the FCC earlier. They will likely not have the choice.
  11. Wow! Emails to cancel Shore Excursions seems like a sign.
  12. I did my daily look-up on the 3/22 sailing at lunch to count open cabins again. Occupancy is now at 61%. Over 690 open cabins (200 more than yesterday). But as we're all seeing, NCL has suspended March bookings despite plenty of open cabins.
  13. Yep!!!! I think the cancellation of cruises is about to happen.
  14. I believe there are 1800 cabins (thereabouts)...so we went from close to 94% full to 82% full in less than 36 hours!
  15. It may not be shocking for Saturday. If I were NCL, I would be telling the upgrade company to process those bad boys NOW! Get any extra revenue the can while there are bids in the hopper. In any case I did check the H4's for you, and my site is showing 2 available. However I have seen that there is a time lag. My guess is that NCL is processing upgrades for Saturday's cruise. Oh...and for those interested in surfing the web HINT...cruise travel site starting with "CRU".
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