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  1. Yes. You can all apply FCC's to the cost of the cabin. As long as your parents are listed as the other passengers on the booking, their FCC's should be there as payment options. If you do not see their FCC's as an option, then simply call NCL and have them assist in applying payments from their open FCC's. The NCL associate should be able to easily do that for you.
  2. It counts as three...we got a $50 credit for each of the excursions we did on the separate days....
  3. Yes. All can be applied to one cruise. the 10% bonus reduces the fare of your selected cruise by 10% the dollar amount of your 25% bonus (FCC25) is applied to further reduce the cruise fare of the passenger it belongs to. the standard FCC. (FCC100) gets applied to the account as a standard payment to the full balance of the cruise, the same way a credit card payment would get applied Heres our example for a 2022 cruise we have booked. I still had a 25% bonus on my account. When it was applied it reduced my fare. we paid the rest of the balance with a regular FCC. We both already had 10% off the fare to start with. (Oops. We accidentally left $0.77 as a balance I better pay that soon🤪)
  4. Thank you for correcting me...I believe this changed since our 2019 cruise. That's is great if you can do multiple in one day. It still only applies to passenger 1 however, so you technically cannot get $50 off multiple, if for example you want to do one activity and your child for example wish to do something else. Here is the link to the current terms and conditions: https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions I also noticed they specifically have removed Pre and Post cruise excursions from the offer. That's too bad, because we have a cruise out port Canaveral and planned and thought of doing the post cruise Space Center tour...
  5. 1. As others mentioned, this is typically the "best" deal you will see. Of course if you have any On Board Credits, you may consider buying stuff on-board rather than paying up front --- if you don't have a lot of other charges that you expect to use your OBC on. 2. The Shore Excursion Credit is $50 for the primary passenger per port per day. So you can do an excursion in Bermuda each day and you will get a $50 discount for each...You cannot do two excursions on one day and get $50 off both. Also, what many don't realize is that you can do an excursion upon the end of the cruise and that qualifies for the $50 credit as well. So you could do a NYC excursion (not that there is one I would suggest), but you can. 3. The regular beverage package (PBP) is generally all you need and covers all basic cocktails, beers, wines by the glass, etc. It does NOT cover specialty coffees at the Starbucks or bottled water. We've gotten the Premium Plus upgrade and made it worth our upgrade by drinking about 4 bottles of water each day, glasses of Veuve Clicquot every day, two free bottles of wine at each dinner, and several top shelf liquors over the week. It totally depends upon what/how you drink. We are also doing the Joy to Bermuda in June of next year. It is an awesome cruise. We did the itinerary on the Escape in 2019 and had our 2020 and 2021 attempts cancelled. You will love it!
  6. Agreed. I thought they would keep those reward points for any cancelled cruise booked PRIOR to the shutdown as long as it was paid in full and you accepted those original FCC's. It would have been a nice gesture, something that honestly costs NCL nothing of significance, and only helps build loyalty.
  7. Thank you all for the various comments. They were all helpful and supported the decision to go with the Joy.... Biggest contributing factors: 1. We think the 20-somethings will really enjoy the other amenities choices (bars, clubs, etc.) on the Joy more than the smaller Pearl 2. We ate so many meals in the Haven restaurant on the Escape, that we realized that was a huge perk for us that we wish to repeat on the Joy 3. With three sea days, I fully expect all of us to enjoy the big sun deck and take advantage of easy drink service on the Joy with more attendants to help -- Gil on the Escape was my best friend 🙂 Thanks again all and hope to see you all on the high seas very soon!
  8. We are trying to decide between a 2022 Bermuda trip on either the Joy (NY) or Pearl (Boston). We are planning this trip with two young adult children (27 and 22) and are looking at the 2BR suites on both. The two of us were in the Haven on the Escape and loved it!. I feel like we have a good feel for what the experience on the Joy will be like. We have not been in the Haven on any other ship and the kids have never experienced the Haven. I'm curious to hear from those who have experienced the Haven on both ships and any pros/cons to offer particularly regarding the smaller Pearl. I loved having the dedicated Haven restaurant on the Escape -- we at breakfast there every morning and had lunch there all but one of our port days. Aside from three specialty meals, we had the other dinners there. How is the food and drink service in Pearl courtyard through the day? Any thoughts about which ship 20 somethings would enjoy more? Thanks to all for your thoughts.
  9. @asctony With the promotional air (be it free, 2nd guest free, etc.) NCL will book flights on standard commercial air carriers. We were booked on United for flights from Ohare to LA (before our cruise was cancelled one year ago tomorrow😪) Unless they book you on a carrier that has "free bags" standard (such as Southwest for example) your fare will not cover bags. (or premium seat selections) However, once you get the air booking, you can contact the airline directly to utilize any airline status you may have on that particular carrier Again, in our example, we have "status" on United, so we were able to select "economy plus" seats and also get 1 free checked bag each. So we were going to be covered. If they had booked us on American, which we almost never fly, we would have had to pay the baggage fee and would have been sitting in the back. Hopefully, "baggage fee/no baggage fee" will be our greatest worry in short order and we can all get back to enjoying cruising!
  10. If you hold 100 shares, you get OBC ($50, $100, or $250) based on the length of cruise. Here's the info from the investor page. http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/static-files/91699aad-cb30-4ff6-8e40-4dc290cb03b5
  11. You can call and cancel your third party member after final payment and you will still get back the taxes and port fees for that person. You will not get money back for the 3rd person’s fare. We did this on a cruise when one of our four had to cancel. We got back taxes and port fees for that person.
  12. I've never booked a hotel through the cruise line...I always do myself as I either use or earn points. However if they book you near Marco Polo airport, you will need to take a taxi to enjoy Venice if you are there a day early. The Airport and likely hotels NCL uses are on the mainland and the cruise terminal and sights are all on the island. (googlemaps will give you a good sense if you've never been) The value here is that the cruise line will likely take care of all your movements (and bags) to get to the ship the next day. That could be valuable depending on your tolerance and ability to drag your own bags and navigate around on your own. Venice is small, but it takes some skill to get around. If you are adventurous, my recommendation would be to stay somewhere on the island of Venice itself...There are hotels of EVERY variety, from very posh to very humble...Private boutiques to chain hotels. All depends upon your tastes. If you stay on the island, you will not be far from the port. You could walk there from most hotels if you do not have too much luggage (or take a water taxi). The only downside to doing this yourself is the extra coordination and a bit of extra effort lugging stuff around.
  13. First of all Congrats to finishing your treatments! We have been on the Haven on the Escape and LOVED IT! The service was incredible and the food in both the Haven restaurant was great for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I cannot recommend it enough. We had wonderful meals at the specialty restaurants as well. The dining perk will only cover you and spouse for two specialty meals, but frankly that is fine with such good food in the Haven for the other meals. Given the age of your kids, you wouldn't have much an extra charge at if they came with you to the two specialty dinners. Or, maybe you can coordinate one or two meals for just you two, while the kids are watching a movie, or some other activity...you can find sitters for hire usually (no...not the butler...that is not something they do!) With the drink package, you won't have to spend a penny on alcohol. Unless you go with a super premium drink/bottle, you are covered. While it doesn't cover water or specialty coffee, you can ask the butler in the haven to give you a pitcher of water, iced tea, lemonade each day. We've had two cruises on the Joy (both in Haven) cancelled through this COVID mess, and are now booked for June in a Haven 2Br with my 25 and 20yr old children. It is a perfect special vacation environment and given your celebration, I would say it is worth it!
  14. We are on the Joy December 20th sailing from Miami.. Clearly not happening unless they turn the engines to 11 and high tail it here!
  15. This December cruise is where we spent our FCC from our cancelled March cruise. ☹️
  16. Gotcha! And I absolutely agree btw that giving more money onto a cruise that can easily not go is silly at this point. We have a December 20th cruise out of Miami and we would normally upgrade our drink package, book an excursion or two, and maybe even pre-pay the DSC....ABSOLUTELY NOT THIS TIME!
  17. Our experience was that they processed FCC's and added to our account rapidly --- heck, they want everyone to use those for a future cruise so those should be processed fast. If you filled out the forms to get your money credited back to the original form of payment, they claimed those would take 90 days time. Currently, NCL has this on their FAQ's about credits. Based on this, I too would expect refunds of currently suspended cruises to be paid back to your CC at this point if that was requested through their forms. If that has not happened for you yet, you should submit a dispute with your CC company and reference this exact FAQ response from NCL's website. (https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings)
  18. You will not be out the extra money....Upgrade Advantage payments are included in the FCC if the cruise gets cancelled. It's actually stated in the very first FAQ online. That said, I agree with the point of "why give them more money at this point" when it is unclear when everything will startup again. I'm not looking to add MORE money to the potential FCC. However...if you want to go for it and it get's accepted, you will get that included in the FCC if the cruise doesn't go.
  19. It works just like you said. We have a booking with 25 yr and 20 yr olds. As soon as we put in the DOB in the bookings, the 20yr olds gratuities disappeared.
  20. Yes...this is often the way things happen...But keep watching your cruise as the prices likely will sway all over the place from one month to the next. As "Bird" mentioned, as long as you are outside final payment, you are free to cancel and rebook under a new program if it is a better deal for you... Also important to note, if you are after final payment, you may still be able to change your booking to a higher class cabin by paying the difference in the cabin fare. Keep in mind, you're "perks" could change based upon the program offer at that time, but "All free at sea" has been a norm for quite some time. We simply paid for a better cabin two times after final payment last summer and didn't lose any perks along the way. The pricing we got for our final cabin was about 30% less than what it was when we first booked the cruise. Keep watching the rates and....Always feel free to call up NCL and ask...the worst they can ever say is "NO"
  21. Our company instituted a "must take 5 days" of vacation time through May since business was slow and everyone could see that same issue on the horizon for the end of the year since there is a limit to what may be "carried over" too. There were exceptions - particularly if you had less than 2 weeks banked time or if you put in for specific dates over the remainder of summer and fall. But the goal is to keep the business fully staffed and functional between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have a Christmas cruise scheduled on the Joy. Our newly adopted company's policy requires an additional 14 calendar days self quarantine if you cruise (or do any international travel). I will gladly spend December 28 through January 6th telecommuting like I've done since March, if I can have a safe and fun cruise the week before. Stay healthy everyone!
  22. We are on booked for December 20th of this year on the Joy and it also has nothing available. St. Thomas and Tortola both have their full complement of excursions listed. I suspect it is a combination of the new port and the current crisis that is keeping them from posting excursions.
  23. What bird says is correct. If you are booking online, the corrected gratuity for the child as passenger 2 with the soda package will show up once you enter their DOB on the reservation. I think the soda pkg grats are $13.98 for a 7d cruise.
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