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  1. We did this, except we upgraded from a concierge level veranda to a suite for $100 total. The upgrade got us more credit from the TA, and we currently have award business class tickets booked both ways... we don’t think it’s actually going to happen, BTW.
  2. We just got off the Oosterdam, and Billboard Onboard was horrible. DH used to own a Dueling Piano bar, so we went in with high hopes. The two gentlemen performing sounded great when they were doing show tunes from Hamiltion. Unfortunately, every song they performed sounded like a show tune, rather than the correct genre. The night billed as "Hot Country" had songs that were hot in the 80s - Islands in the Stream, 9 to 5, Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue. Everyone in the room looked like s/he had been sedated. There was one group you could tell would've gotten into the show with a little encouragement, but there was none. We went back once or twice to give it a second chance, and it was the same. Do yourself a favor and head to BB King's. The music there is well performed, and the crowd is having much more fun. Every night there were at least a couple or two who were very good dancers out on the floor, which got others to venture out.
  3. I don't have experience with the FlightEase program, but I do have the AA card. That cards states that it is tied to your AAdvantage #, and that you and anyone flying on the same reservation will receive the baggage benefit if your AAdvantage # is applied to the reservation. If I were you, I would log into my AAdvantage account and be certain that the reservation is showing up in your account. If not, I would look the reservation up by confirmation # and add it to you your account. If the reservation shows up tied to your AAdvantage account, then the baggage benefit should be linked.
  4. We (couple early 40s and mid 50s) leave on our first cruise a week from today. Oosterdam 7 day Alaska RT Seattle. We're big travelers, but first time cruisers. We're trying to give a sincere effort in sampling what cruises offer. Signature Suite, Elite Beverage Package, specialty dining, excursions booked via HAL. We had Rudi's booked, but after looking at sample menus, DH liked the Pinnacle menu better, so we switched (and saved a few $). Couple questions: I know you can order multiple "first courses" in MDR, can you do the same in Pinnacle Grill? For example, a soup and lobster bisque? The menu mentions a $15 supplement for a second main, but doesn't mention first courses. Does EBP apply in the Pinnacle Grill? On the sample menu, there are only 4 wines listed (one is on the EBP), are there more available in the Pinnacle? Similarly, can I order port with my dessert? Is the Pinnacle Bar a full bar? On a lighter note, DH is set on Key Lime Pie (it's a point of contention with him and the owner of our favorite local steak house that they took KLP off the menu), do I want chocolate souffle or baked Alaska?
  5. Is that stated somewhere? Not arguing, like I said just trying to understand it as well as I do the new Bonvoy stuff. On the website it says: Suite Bonus Earn double Cruise Day credits when you pay a published fare for a spacious suite or penthouse on your next cruise. For example, a guest who pays published fare for suite accommodations for a 10-day cruise earns 20 Cruise Day credits. Onboard Spending Bonus Effective with cruises on or after September 18, 2009, one bonus Cruise Day credit will be granted for each $300 in eligible onboard purchases. This is calculated on the combined folio charges for all guests on the booking, regardless of who signs each charge and who pays the bill. Only the first two guests on the booking receive the limit of one bonus day for each day sailed; 3rd and 4th guests on the same booking do not earn the onboard spending bonus. All casino charges, cash advances, Future Cruise deposits, and associated fees are excluded. All other onboard purchases, for example, Hotel Service Charge, Beverage Service Charge, taxes, shore excursions and all gift items purchased online or through Ship Services count towards bonus Cruise Day credits.
  6. We leave May 19th - first cruise ever. We booked a veranda and had fully paid. Later the price of a signature suite dropped below what we'd paid for the veranda. We were upgraded. Our TA assured us that we would get the suite credit. Does this seem accurate? Our total was more than the lowest published suite rate, which seems to be the determining factor. So far, we've spent $2500+ on excursions, beverage package, and specialty dining. We have another $100 in OBC that was a gift. It says "hotel service charge" also counts toward onboard spending credits, which for a suite adds another $200+ So, can we expect to receive 14 days for the cruise (with suite credit), and 9, possibly 10 (assuming we'll spend something else) for spending? Not sure if I even care - I don't know that we'll ever try it again, but I track my elite hotel nights pretty faithfully. Trying to figure the cruise thing out.
  7. I have a lot of these in various sizes. Our first cruise is next month, but I've used them plenty on non-cruise trips - work, leisure, domestic, international, long weekend or two-week trek. The super small ones, I pack the individual jewelry "sacks" in. Generally, I use them for "outfits" when packing. For the trip home, I tend to pack them as clean/dirty. I tend to pack bras/underwear, socks, workout clothes, etc., together. When we're somewhere for 3 nights, plus, we like to completely unpack, but these are particularly helpful for those "interim" nights. If we have a super early flight, and are worried that an Uber might not be dependable (we're [sadly] in the burbs), we stay at an airport hotel the night before, and these are super helpful in unpacking one pair of pajamas and one "flying outfit" without unpacking our entire suitcase.
  8. We booked via United Cruises over a year ago for our Alaska cruise in May. The price dropped enough that the Signature Suite was now less than what we paid for the verandah. I called United and asked how much they would charge to switch to the suite. The agent looked and said the cost for it was now less than what we paid. She said HAL might not honor it since it was a flash fare, and asked me to hold while she called them. She came back and said they had upgraded me to a Signature Suite (SS category) at no cost. It's still going to cost us more because of the gratuity bump, but I'm happy. She also confirmed that we'd get the double night credits since there was a published rate lower than what we paid. Not sure if I care about that - we're big travelers, but this is our first cruise. I care a lot about my hotel elite status, so maybe we'll start mixing cruises in with our big trips, and this will matter one day.
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