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  1. Thanks Bob. We have 15 people or so going so a bit of a pain to move people so I want to know where to go to begin with! Jenn
  2. Is Chill Beach the best snorkeling if we go from shore? Where can you rent stand up paddleboards? Jenn
  3. What kind of snorkeling are we talking about? Coral reef so coral reef fish or grassy bottom so turtles? Super shallow or deep? Good visibility? Jenn
  4. Not sure if we want to go to the water parks on Coco Cay but was considering snorkeling. What is the snorkeling like? Can you go right off shore or need to take a boat? Also do they rent kayaks or stand up boards or any other rentals that you can do on your own? Jenn
  5. What is the promo besides the cheap deposit? Jenn
  6. We were on the Allure last spring and they sold a 10 alcoholic drink package where we could get 10 drinks up to $12ish each and they would clip the card. It worked out a deal for us since we don't have many drinks over the course of the week. Anyone know if the Symphony has it? Current details? Jenn
  7. Curious... I've heard Grease is for mature audiences. Is it because there is a reference to Rizzo getting knocked up? Or is it the song with the guy talking about the girls creaming when they see the car? My kids have seen the original Grease movie and those topics went over their heads so wondering if there is anything else to be a concern??? Obviously, don't want to spoil the show for others, but wondering what exactly is the concern that people keep talking about? Jenn
  8. Gotta tell you your post is answering all my questions! I thought I was attention to detail, type A planner but you are the real deal : ) Thanks for sharing. Jenn
  9. Enjoy vacation and will look forward to seeing more when you are doing your laundry! It's like a show and I'm only halfway through... Looking forward to the next episode. Jenn
  10. Now that I've read a bit of what Coco Cay has to offer would love to print out a copy of the map so can plan our day. Anyone have one to share? Jenn
  11. Thanks! We didn't want the boardwalk balconies because we wanted the quieter balcony option. Travelling in a large group and think we have 4 staterooms in a row and 2 of them will go to bed early. Thanks! Jenn
  12. We are going on Harmony June 2020 and wondering what people thought of Central Park balconies? Is it nice to hear the sounds? Can you see greenery? Is it nice to sit on the balcony? Any thoughts? Jenn
  13. Is the food free for lunch there? How about the tram? Do people tend to get off right when they dock? Jenn
  14. I see all these amazing photos of Coco Cay but not sure if sitting at the chairs, hammocks or the pool are free. I know there is a cost for all the waterpark slides, etc. Is there any snorkeling where you can swim to on your own? Most of our group just wants to sit and dig in the sand : ) Jenn
  15. Thanks! We have tried calling 2 different agencies along with RCL and their only suggestion was get the large suite which was more than getting 4 separate cabins. Jenn
  16. Any suggestions... We are planning to go on Harmony for my parent's 50th anniversary. We have 2 adults with 3 kids. My parents want a room for 2. Realistically, price wise it is only $2700 for a central park balcony for 2. but when you get a cabin for 3 it becomes $4443 for an inside cheaper room or $5290 for 3 people in that same central park balcony. We tried looking at getting a cabin for 5 and it looks like 8K! Even a studio cabin for 1 person is $2800 which makes no sense as it is cheaper to get a double cabin and use only half of it. We are looking at next summer. Any suggestions? Has anyone else had this issue? Jenn
  17. Can anyone tell me the resturants that are included with your fare vs, what is extra? Also, is there any fee for the ropes course or slides? Mini golf? Just trying to get a feel for what is included and what isn't since we are going with a large group and haven't been on NCL in 14 years. Jenn
  18. Can anyone PM which TA company they have liked? I figure we can't advertise on the board. Jenn
  19. Wondering how rough/rocky the waves are usually between Whittier and Vancouver? My daughter tends to get seasick IF it is rough and after 8 cruises to the Caribbean only had an issue once. What is likely? Do you think midship and lower down is the best option for us? Jenn
  20. I am planning to book an Alaska cruise for July 2020 and wondering the pros and cons of booking directly with Princess vs. travel agent. It looks like $200 less per cabin with a travel agent and with 2 cabins that works out $400. I am wondering though if the price drops on the trip will a travel agent be able to get the new rate in the form on OBS like Princess might? We are timing it so it is the 3 offer so we should get free tips, $50 to $100 credit and also possibly a room upgrade but honestly not sure I want to move. We have 2 cabins right next door so any "upgrade" might separate us or put us not in mid ship and with Alaska that might be an issue. Jenn
  21. Thanks for the photos! My husband is sold on it : ) If we could see one calving like you showed he would be thrilled. I'm going to now try to figure out how many days to spend in Anchorage and then Denali so I can book flights and cruise. Jenn
  22. I am planning an Alaska cruise for next July 2020 and it looks like Princess is the only one that goes to Glacier Bay. Is this a must do? Or are there similar ports that might be similar? Definitely want to see the glaciers from the ship and not sure if that is the best. Jenn
  23. Am considering cruising on Freedom next April 2020. Would anything think that the cruise might get cancelled since the refurb gets pushed back or is that late enough and they tend to run on time anyway? Also, is it likely to add water slides? I see what other ships are getting added that are getting done earlier but not clear of what is getting added to Freedom. We just sailed on Allure last April and my kids (ages 9 and 16) loved it sooo much! I just like the cruise ports of Freedom but am a bit worried about the ship choice. Any thoughts? Jenn
  24. Have sailed MANY cruise lines but never MSC and wondering if anyone can tell me what is extra and about how much?Is the Cirque show included? What abut water slides? Water (not bottled)? Car racing? The movies? Which restaurants are included? I know drinks are not and some restaurants will not be. Jenn
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