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  1. FYI: Port-Louis is in Mauritius whilst La Possession is a cruise port on the French island of La Réunion
  2. Hello, We got ours on the same day ; to different credit card accounts. We made the deposit, whilst on the Konig last September, with the CC we used on board and made the final payment with another CC and the refunds came on the same date in June .
  3. Hello Did 13 nights in 11001 last September. No noise from Crow's Nest and experienced motion only during the first night ( may be it was just getting used being in a cabin again) . Depending on where you will be heading , I liked it because early in the morning I was able to watch when the ship was entering a port , especially in the Adriatic Sea.
  4. On May 3rd when I chatted with an agent by the name of Philip I was told : It is in the process and it is showing in your past booking. You will also get an email when it Is processed Well it was processed sometimes around 12th of June and we saw the credit on-line ( CC account) only last week . No email whatsoever- I guess they don't have the resources to communicate with each and every customer. However, happy to get the full refund .
  5. Requested full refund for my May 10th on the NS Baltic cruise when it was cancelled on March 30th by HAL. Amount was credited to my two credit cards ( one for the deposit when we booked the cruise last September on board the Koningsdam and the other for the final payment) last Friday but appeared on-line only yesterday. Took more than 60 day but happy to get the full refund .
  6. This young lady and her doctors will not agree with your diagnosis : https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2020/06/12/covid-19-coronavirus-leads-to-double-lung-transplant-for-woman-in-her-20s/#40da2bb0e070
  7. Today would have been my last day in France ( Normandy and Paris) after my 14 day Baltic cruise ( May 10-May 24) on the NS. Another time !
  8. Hello When you said refunds, do you mean the cruise far and/or excursions and /or flights and/or other advanced onboard payment that you made for things like C.O. or beverages etc ? Thank you
  9. Would have been on the Nieuw Statendam , sailing away from AMS for the 14 day Jewels of the Baltic cruise !
  10. During those pandemics , how many medical professionals died as compared to COVID-19? Do you have that data?
  11. The company may have to revise their plans as scientists have identified a new strain of the coronavirus that appears more contagious than the versions that spread in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new strain appeared in February in Europe, migrated quickly to the East Coast of the United States and has been the dominant strain across the world since mid-March, the scientists wrote. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-05/mutant-coronavirus-has-emerged-more-contagious-than-original
  12. @PSR and @strickerj I am in the same situation like you but with a European carrier that cancelled on me too. I have been asking questions on another Travel Forum and this is what someone on there has advised us ( yes we are many in the same boat - from business people, road warriors and casual travellers) to do: If you don't get the satisfaction you want, just file a small claims. Airline small claims are easy, and you can file in any municipality in the United Stated, because the U.S. is a signatory to the Montreal Convention - which states "Any Airline operating in
  13. @strickerj AC has to give you a refund as per DOT Enforcement Notice Final April 3 2020 AC is a foreign carrier operating in the US and the rules apply to them also.
  14. It could be a while: Just read what has been found on one of Princess cruise ships: Traces of new coronavirus were found on surfaces in cruise-ship cabins for as many as 17 days after passengers left, researchers said, though it wasn’t possible to determine whether they caused any infections. Researchers looked at the rooms of infected passengers aboard the Diamond Princess, both those who showed symptoms and those who didn’t, according to a study Monday in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The ship, operate
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