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  1. Word of thanks from me for all the bin men and women round here who carried on throughout the worst days of this epidemic - a lot of risk to them, but they kept coming and kept smiling. Postmen and women too.
  2. Is there any real difference, social distancing wise, between river and sea cruises?
  3. Back to the topic, I'm still undecided on returning to cruising. Much better news recently about vaccines though - encouraging.
  4. Made a bit of a fool of yourself, haven't you? Ask for advice, someone gives it, then you say you don't want advice from anyone with the right expertise! Presumably you get your legal advice from a butcher, and accountancy advice from a plumber. 😁
  5. Unlikely - a much more likely scenario is that Carnival will go under, leaving all FCCs valueless.
  6. And it involves receiving money - always far easier and more acceptable than paying it out. Especially if you've been told by Carnival not to pay out.
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