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  1. According to their website (https://www.pocruises.com/peninsular-club) Caribbean Tier doesn't get a half-bottle of Champagne, the next Tier up does—Baltic. Maybe that's why you didn't get one, or is that wrong?
  2. No! I have to admit it is a bit confusing. Bow and Stern simply describe parts of the ship. Fore (front), aft (rear) midships (middle) describe areas of the ship. So an aft cabin, is one at the rear of the ship.
  3. Thank you for your review it was fascinating and informative to read. As for the 'pointy bit' it's called the bow, the 'square bit at the back' is called the stern and aft is 'towards the stern' and fore 'towards the bow'.
  4. With respect, I think I will ignore your input until you've actually been on a P&O cruise and experienced the type of situations that are being discussed.
  5. You don't know me, you don't know the situation, the circumstance or what was said, so how can you possibly judge that as being a 'terrible attitude' and 'very rude'? I treat everyone with politeness, courtesy and respect, whoever they may be. I'm afraid you're confusing assertiveness with aggression. There's nothing at all wrong with going over and speaking quietly with a waiter that I've been waiting however long to be served. But what I'm not prepared to do is sit and wait, groaning, mumbling and moaning like so many British people seem to want to do and do nothing to remedy the situation. Which do you think is better, be assertive, get up and remedy whatever the problem is and get on with my holiday or sit there moaning and groaning, complain to the manager on the way out, fill in a complaint form, seethe and fume until I arrive home and then complain bitterly on here about how the service on P&O is so bad I'd never use them again? I've given a balanced view on P&O, for what you pay they offer reasonable value but that's not to say they're perfect because they're not. People will experience exactly the type of situations I have and I've given guidance on how I dealt with those situations, other people will have to deal with them as they see fit. But please don't accuse me of being 'very rude' and having a 'terrible attitude' when you don't know me from Adam.
  6. It's always important I think to express your experiences. I pay far more attention to negative criticism than out right praise, because I learn more. Having Cruised with P&O I can certainly equate with your experiences as there were a couple of times I've become quite annoyed at their poor service. Once instance that springs to mind was when a waiter took away I think it was either a glass or a side plate I hadn't finished with, without asking! I immediately got up walked over and told him him to put it back, I hadn't finished with it and in future—ask! Another instance was when I was poured the mostly horrible weak looking cup of tea I'd ever seen! I said 'I'm sorry I can't drink that, you'll have to replace it' and he started to reply '...but you didn't...' and I cut him off and said '...I shouldn't have to tell you, you should ask!' Maybe I'm just difficult, or expect higher levels of service that seem beyond P&O, but those were two incidences that sprang to mind in amongst the same types of difficulty of getting waiters attention as you experienced. I learnt fairly early on that you need to be assertive with P&O staff and tell them what you want. If you can't catch a waiter, get up and go get hold of him or bend the ear of the Restaurant Manager or one of his assistants floating around and tell him the service is dropping below what you expect. I don't want to put people off P&O, it represents very good value for money and on the whole the service is pretty good, but neither do I want to paint a picture that it's perfect because it isn't, an awful lot depends on luck and where you sit and what waiters/servers you get, because it does vary.
  7. I think that's a bit harsh, I don't think I'd describe P&O as being 'pitiful'. But then my experience may be quite different to yours. I'm certainly not blind to P&O's shortfalls, there are many things and areas they could improve, but P&O is what it is, a budget Cruise line that offers value for money and a decent number of return sailings from Southampton, for people who don't want to fly. It's aimed predominantly at the British family and 55+ market. I noticed earlier in the thread you voiced approval of MSC Yacht Club. If you've experienced that level of cruising luxury then I would imagine P&O would seem somewhat 'pitiful' to you, but let's be realistic? MSC Yacht Club Cabins would likely cost three to four times the price of P&O ones, so it's hardly a fair comparison?
  8. Indeed. I had a look earlier and was quite shocked at just how many YC cabins were already fully booked, even ones in, as you said, 2021!
  9. Thank you, that's fairly clear!
  10. Could someone actually define precisely what '...child-free ship' means? I know it sounds obvious as to what it should mean, but I've learnt not to assume anything. I noticed a cruise later in the year on Aurora that I was interested in but also I noticed that a large part of it covered half term. Am I right in thinking that even though it's half term school children would not be allowed on that cruise? How does P&O define 'child-free'? Thanks.
  11. Whilst not strictly related to dress code, it's worth mentioning an early lesson I learnt at my first morning breakfast. I ordered eggs benedict and when it came it was one poached egg on a muffin. I looked over at the chap opposite me who had two poached eggs on two muffins! I said, how come I only get one and you got two? He said '...because I asked for two'! Lesson learnt! Ask for what you want. Want two main courses at dinner - ask for them. Want two starters at dinner - ask for them. Want three rashers of bacon at breakfast - ask for them! The waiters are more than happy to oblige.
  12. Yes, most (if not all) P&O ships will have a variety of pool side bars that provide fast food type meals such as burger, fries, salad, pizza etc, mostly free, some more upmarket ones may charge. Check which ship you're on and what facilities they have. Very handy if you don't want to go back to the cabin to change for a sit down lunch in the restaurant. I have to confess I've never tried the buffet, the horror stories I heard from other passengers put me off wanting to eat in the buffet. I always took my evening meals and lunch in the Main Dining Room as I like more formal dining.
  13. I think for casual dining that would fine.
  14. Yes indeed, but times change, don't they? With the cost of a cruise now opened up to most of the population it seems some Cruise companies need to specify exactly what the correct form of dress is to those who don't appear to know how to present themselves at dinner! You can argue the rights or wrongs of that until the cows come home, that's just the way it is.
  15. Dark suit, white shirt, dark tie, black/dark shoes for formal, smart dark jeans (not dirty, scruffy, faded, holed!) casual open necked shirt, loafers, or smartish shoes and maybe a jacket would be fine for informal dining. What I don't think people should wear for informal dining evenings is scruffy jeans, dirty trainers and a t-shirt. That's just my personal opinion because I think it looks awful.
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