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  1. We did Allure when our oldest little girl was about 18 months, was fantastic. Also did disney when she was 5 and our youngest was just 1 and she was too young, it was too hot for her and she spent alot of time asleep in the buggy. If it was a toss up between the two I would go cruise and wouldnt worry so much about doing excurssions.
  2. Thanks everyone, i'll try my best to work my way through them.
  3. All the menus I have seen list 26 different beers available in the various English pubs aboard the various ships. Are all these beers regularly available?
  4. Just had a look there, a couple of pictures (that look really dated) and some Youtube videos from about 5 years ago.
  5. Thank you, there isnt really anything on line about it that I can see? No pictures on the ship review.
  6. Hi All, Is this a nightclub or something? Or is it a lounge only open to certain status of guests? Cant really find any information on it apart form see it on the deck plans?
  7. It was on Adventure of the Seas a good few years ago. The had premade pizza bases that you put your own sauce and toppings on then it was put in a pizza oven to cook.
  8. Not that I would but could you order the full menu? There is 4 in our room so would be a decent sized order anyway.,
  9. Thats not bad, looking at the menu I can see me wanting to order when getting back to the room on the munchies 😁 Oh and its Adventure OTS
  10. I know it might be like asking how longs a piece of string but how long generally would room service take to arrive? Also, how do you order it? On the phone or can you do it through the TV/App?
  11. Is that still a thing, specifically on Adventure of the Seas? Thank you.
  12. Tell a lie, Serenade and Explorer on 01/12/19
  13. ok thanks. ive since found a schedule for Labadee and only our ship is there on that date, to be honest i couldn’t see any dates with two ships in
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