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  1. Hi all - we have been on our Alaskan cruise and returned safe and sound. It was amazing! Just as a follow up, at the last minute I became so overwhelmed with packing that I put all toiletries, including my makeup in our hanging toiletry bag and placed it in the checked luggage bag. I did put anything liquid into small ziploc baggies in case they were to break or spill. Thankfully, the toiletry bag and makeup survived the checked bag to Seattle and back. No leaks or issues. I do appreciate the advice on decanting some items; that saved quite a bit of room in the toiletry bag. Thanks again for all of the tips!
  2. Your trip review is wonderful! We had an amazing time, as well. I'm sorry we missed meeting you and your wife; we were in a Neptune Suite, too. We were thoroughly impressed with Holland America and with our first cruise experience. We would definitely go again. Didn't you love the port authority worker sending us off in style with the saxophone?
  3. Thank you for the tips; much appreciated! I love Clinique products so I'll look for the BIY tint. Your trip sounds amazing - have a fantastic time!
  4. Yes, Seattle is one of the ports with this program but I found out today it's $19.95 per person so we'll be skipping it! Thanks so much for the link to the camera ready tiny tubes; these are fabulous! I'm going to get a pack so I can decant foundation and moisturizer. These will save me tons of space in toiletries bag.
  5. It's so beautiful there today! Hope it's this way 5 weeks from today.
  6. I've been hearing a lot about bronzers lately. Can you tell me the difference between that and pressed powder? Is it better for mature skin? I feel my makeup routine needs a facelift (ha) but I'm intimidated by the abundance of product out there. Also, I'm not confident in having a twenty-something at the Ulta counter try to advise me concerning my 50 year old skin.🤣
  7. Well, I've been told the port authority in Seattle has a program where if we fill out the forms prior to leaving the ship, our checked bag will be taken directly to the airport, we'll be checked in and won't see the bag again until we arrive back at our home airport. I was considering using this program so that's what prompted me to think I wouldn't see the makeup kit again if it's in the checked bag. However, I can't confirm this program is true (and whether I trust it) so if we stick to the normal way of doing things, yes, I should be able to put the clear bag of makeup in my purse, leave the ship and place in the checked bag when we are reunited.
  8. Thanks everyone for all of the helpful advice. I've decided to take the makeup in my carry-on. I don't have that many pieces to carry and my liquid foundation is in a 1 oz bottle; way less than the 3 oz rule. I'll put it all in a clear quart bag and stop over thinking it. I know this seemed a silly question but I honestly had hit a point where my brain was too full with trip madness. This trip has had so many layers to plan (thank goodness we've had 6 months to do it) and this simple decision seemed like a mountain to climb.🤪
  9. Thank you for this helpful advice. I hadn't thought about how the rough ride in checked luggage might damage pressed powders, etc. And you are right, makeup is too expensive to have it damaged that way. I've decided to put all of the makeup in my carry-on.
  10. Love your grandma's advice, slidergirl! I'm certain both of my granny's would agree with her! 🤣 I don't wear heavy makeup, just enough to keep from scaring people. HA! This trip is to celebrate my 50th birthday so I should learn to embrace the "real" me, scary face and all, right?
  11. Hi all, quick question - heading to Alaska on HAL next month -first cruise and first trip to Alaska. I was planning on packing my makeup bag in the checked luggage but it hit me last night that our travel agent mentioned we would need to place any checked luggage out in the hallway the night before disembarkation. How do I put my makeup on the morning we leave to come home if it's already gone with the checked bag? I'm guessing I need to carry makeup in the carry-on, right? How do those of you who wear makeup handle this? Thanks for considering my silly question!
  12. I'm late to this discussion, too, but wanted to tell you there are compression bags out there that you can squeeze the air out of without a vacuum. I purchased one from our travel agency but have since discovered they are out there online at different vendors. I plan to use the one I bought for our puffy coats, scarves, etc. for our trip to Alaska next month. I see you are going to Alaska, too? This is our first cruise and first time in Alaska. I'm beyond stressed over packing! I have a mental list that I keep going through non-stop. I believe another poster called it "hamster on a wheel"...yep, that would be me. DH is taking it all in stride...says he can ship what he needs to Seattle via UPS. Sometimes I think he's almost serious. 🤔
  13. Lovely arrival for Eurodam. Looks to be a beautiful day in Juneau. I hope we get this fortunate.
  14. Central Virginia area - between Charlottesville and Lynchburg.
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