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  1. This thread is brilliant and prompted me to post! I am not sure if this counts but I took this whilst on Aurora sailing through the Med. It’s My Ship in the Clouds
  2. My employer made me take my holidays, the excuse being once things are back to normal everyone will be wanting to go away. To be fair I have never had so much time off in 35 years of full time employment so made the best of the good weather and completely recharged my batteries!
  3. We did three weeks on Oceana last year and did not get the B2B discount. We changed cabin for the third week of the cruise - to the one next door. Our cabin steward was brilliant and ensured that the cabin we were moving into was cleaned more or less first thing and we just swopped drawers and carted all our stuff next door. We were in and settled into the cabin around 10ish. The only problem we had was the issuing of new key cards for the cabin. We picked them up at reception and wandered into Malta for a bit. Although they scanned properly leaving the ship th
  4. We’ve never had a balcony before but managed to get one on Azura C deck which I am told is larger than normal. It gives us something good to look forward to during lockdown! 🙂
  5. Our summer cruise was cancelled this week and as we had paid in full we had a FCC of 125%. We have rebooked for next August on a completely different ship and paid a little extra to upgrade from an inside to a balcony cabin. We have also got the increased OBC associated with a balcony cabin. I hope that helps?
  6. We are due to cruise end July but have so far only paid the deposit. The full amount is due for payment in a couple of weeks. We, like many others, received an e-mail with the offer of additional OBC as long as we didn’t cancel the booking. Our dilemma is, do we pay the full amount next week for a cruise that may not happen in July or just move the booking and deposit to one next year? I assume if we move the cruise and deposit we lose the very generous OBC?? Is anyone else in a similar situation?
  7. TPers


    We visited Knossos and loved it but felt the tour was a bit rushed. Did not like Heraklion at all. We were dropped off for an hour after Knossos and had a drink in a cafe and were hassled almost non-stop by children begging with plastic accordions!! It was a very uncomfortable experience!
  8. HI, myself, husband and 15 year old son have just got back from a three week cruise on Oceana. We were in an inside cabin and had no problems with storage at all and we had bought four cases with us!! She is a lovely ship with fantastic staff and a very friendly atmosphere. Everyone we spoke to commented that it was one of the best cruises they had ever done.
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