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  1. I am on Harmony June 16 sailing. Currently have a JS which we liked last time, but we decided to make offers on all 4 upgrades we were offered to bid on. 1 bed ATS, OS, CLS, and GS. This cruise must be near capacity because the min offer amounts to bid are extremely high. Minimum bids are $1100 1 bed ATS, $800 OS and CLS, $500 GS. I bid on them all but not a ton over the min (couple hundred over). Wondering if that will get me one of them! Would like to move to sky class since I am currently in sea class.
  2. I believe the answer is yes, and I am in the same situation. The reason I say you can, is because before we bought the key for my wife and I, we had purchased VOOM internet separately, but when we bought the key, I was able to cancel the VOOM and they refunded my CC for it.
  3. My wife and I are on the June 16 Harmony 7 night sailing. This will be our 4th RC Cruise but first time trying the RoyalUP program. I booked JS (we loved it last time), and I have a RoyalUP email for 1B ATS, CL, OS, and GS. The min bid amounts seem really high, but we are intrigued nevertheless. ATS min bid is $1100pp. CL $900pp. OS $800pp. GS $500pp. Looking for some advice from someone who has stayed in a JS and also one of these to compare the difference in overall experience to me. Thanks!
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