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  1. I got full refund back to my credit card today. Called CC and it will take another five business days before I will see it in my bank account. Our cruise was supposed to leave May 10 for Alaska. Took a while but NCL came through and refunded.
  2. We were scheduled to leave today. We are sitting at home wondering if we will ever see a penny of the thousands we paid for the Alaska cruise.
  3. Got an email back within a couple of minutes after cancelling. I think you only need to submit one time, don't want to confuse the situation anymore than it already is. "requesting a refund for all individuals on a reservation"
  4. Our Alaska cruise was canceled but we would still like to go when things get better. Hopefully next year. However it will not be with NCL. Refund in 90 days or more for a canceled cruise not cutting it.
  5. Just got this also. "A lesser value refund is also available for guests who do not wish to avail themselves of the 125% future cruise credit. Those guests can request a refund of the fare paid to be reimbursed to the original form of payment 90 days after completing the request form at www.ncl.com/case-submission/peace-of-mind. The form will be available from April 13 through April 27, 2020." Seems like you can not apply for a refund until April 13. even though the from is live.
  6. Just got our tags also for May 10 cruise. No way we are going but we got tags.
  7. If you cancel you will only get credit. If they cancel you get a choice credit or refund.
  8. Sounds like a business opportunity - Health certificates for over 70 cruiser - $49.99. two for $89.99
  9. You can rent an amazing house for one week in Palm Springs for half the price of a Haven Cruise. Lots of options for that Haven money. One advantage of booking early is you can always back out if the product you signed up for is changed.
  10. Keep to the topic. Haven guests get screwed. 😀
  11. Next, they will be renting out the Haven rooms by the hour. Dinner, drinks, and .................
  12. Not a bad deal - 2 hours (or more) in the Heaven including dinner. I guess this answers the question in another popular thread " How much would you pay for the Heaven" $50.00 😎 Limited availability: Non-Haven guests can enjoy an exclusive dining experience including a delicious 3-course dinner in an upscale, contemporary atmosphere. Come an hour early or stay an hour late and enjoy drinks at the exclusive Haven Lounge. Reservations can be made on board. $50 per person for non-Haven guests (limited availability)
  13. " Haven-Only Areas Dining in The Haven is a big deal. From small snacks to full exclusive restaurants, there’s no shortage of exquisite cuisine." I guess its not such a big deal anymore. We are booked in 2020 so at least we can back out reservation. Will watch to see if this sticks.
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