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  1. You can rent an amazing house for one week in Palm Springs for half the price of a Haven Cruise. Lots of options for that Haven money. One advantage of booking early is you can always back out if the product you signed up for is changed.
  2. Keep to the topic. Haven guests get screwed. ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Next, they will be renting out the Haven rooms by the hour. Dinner, drinks, and .................
  4. Not a bad deal - 2 hours (or more) in the Heaven including dinner. I guess this answers the question in another popular thread " How much would you pay for the Heaven" $50.00 ๐Ÿ˜Ž Limited availability: Non-Haven guests can enjoy an exclusive dining experience including a delicious 3-course dinner in an upscale, contemporary atmosphere. Come an hour early or stay an hour late and enjoy drinks at the exclusive Haven Lounge. Reservations can be made on board. $50 per person for non-Haven guests (limited availability)
  5. " Haven-Only Areas Dining in The Haven is a big deal. From small snacks to full exclusive restaurants, thereโ€™s no shortage of exquisite cuisine." I guess its not such a big deal anymore. We are booked in 2020 so at least we can back out reservation. Will watch to see if this sticks.
  6. People are a vacation, If they can spend hundreds on a shore excursion, they can spend a $100 in the Haven.
  7. What's next. "The Haven Pool/Hot Tub Pass" (Private Access to the Haven's exclusive whirlpools and swimming pools) Enjoy 4-hours of relaxing upscale atmosphere, in the Haven pool and hot tubs. $50.00 per person. Limited availability.
  8. Count me in on canceling our cruise if they keep this policy. If the "exclusive" Haven experience is not so exclusive, why pay extra? $1500 a night, there are plenty of options to choose from. Rent a vacation home for a week, have food delivered three times a day, and pay less. What else could you do for 10K?
  9. Have a wonderful time. Look forwrard to lots of pictures. Leave some time on your schedule for relaxing, this is a vacation.
  10. Go, Go, Go. Enjoy your cruise and time with family.
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