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  1. Very sad to hear the news. Everybody stay safe and healthy.
  2. Here are a few photos from the Millennium taken during a sailing last year [link]. Thom
  3. tjunmin


    The Sivatel is conveniently located two blocks away from the Phloen Chit subway station. We took the subway from Phloen Chit to Asok station, where we switched to the MRT BlueLine Sukhumvit station. Unaware of how congested public transit is in Bangkok, we took it during rush hour. The stations and trains were very crowded, and lines were extremely long to purchase tickets and board the trains. Hope this helps.
  4. tjunmin


    I second Travel Hub. We did an overnight shore excursion tour with them (Bangkok and Ayutthaya) and were pleased. We decided on a privately escorted small group (2 couples, 4 people total) and the price was well worth it. I booked the hotel early and managed to get a very nice 5 star hotel for US$135 a night, breakfast included. We had a driver and tour guide; they seemed to know how to avoid the traffic. In the evening we ventured out by ourselves using the Bangkok Skytrain; it was extremely crowded and unfortunately we had a poor experience. Here are a few photos from our adventure in Asia [link].
  5. This is my experience on board the Millie last year at Halong Bay: on the first day, the ship tender dropped us close to the Bai Chay Lighthouse [map]. I booked a private day tour with Mrs. Ngoan from Travel Authentic Asia for a small group of 4 people. We were picked up at that location by our driver and tour guide, who took us to Tuan Chau Harbor [map]. The tour guide rented the junk for our group of 4 people at Tuan Chau Harbor. The main attractions we saw that day were Hon Ga Choi, Sung Sot Cave [map], Halong Pearl Museum [map], Luon Cave and Lake [map], and Ti Top Island [map]. Lunch was included in this full day tour. On the second day, I joined a tour organized by a person in the roll call for a half day tour of the town; the highlight in my opinion was the Quang Ninh Museum [map]. I very much enjoyed exploring Halong Bay on the first day in a small group. Having the entire junk for only the four of us was very relaxing. I explicitly asked Mrs. Ngoan to not join our group with others, as I had bad experiences with that problem, especially in India. Mrs. Ngoan from Travel Authentic Asia was not my first choice. I was dealing with a different company, and felt like treated as a bag of money. The straw that broke the camel's back was when they wanted to charge extra to pick us up where the tenders drop us off; if I didn't pay the extra fee, we would have to walk some distance where they would be waiting for us. Here are some photos from our Asia trip [photos].
  6. I forgot to mention that 1111 has a unique problem; based on reviews I read previously from other passengers. This cabin receives many calls from people who simply pick up the phone and punch 1 multiple times; you might want to call them "prank" calls, or maybe just kids being curious what happens when you punch 1111 on the phone.
  7. I personally prefer A1s in M class ships because I dislike the overhang at the A2s on deck 9. But that is my personal preference. Cabin 1111 is far enough from the movie screen above that it is unlikely that you be disturbed by it. The balcony will get wet if it rains, as there is enough covering to provide privacy from the people on deck 12, but not enough to keep it dry in case of rain. Hope this helps.
  8. Here [link] you'll find a few more photos of the Millennium taken recently. My apologies, but they are mixed in with photos of our cruise.
  9. If you are really interested in glass blowing, I would suggest a glass studio, where you'll get much more hands-on time at a lower cost. Here is an example: at the Harborfront Centre [link] in Toronto, a 19-hour course costs $412.45 CAD (approximately $314 USD); for a one-hour session to make one piece, the cost ranges around $45-55 CAD (approximately $34-42 USD). As you can see, these prices are much better than $120 USD for a 20 minute session. I believe you can find a reputable glass studio not too far from you.
  10. In the Millennium class ships, in my opinion the worst guaranteed suites are the Sky Suites 9117 and 9121 on deck 9, adjacent to the elevators. On the deck 9, (1) there is the overhang from the pool deck above, which provides less light into the stateroom, (2) there is possibility of hearing furniture being dragged on the pool deck above, and (3) the balcony is smaller compared to other equivalent staterooms.
  11. Luminae is a more intimate restaurant, with better service. The menus are smaller, but in the Infinity you'll be able to order from the MDR menu if you wish. Luminae is also open for lunch on sea days. If you have any dietary needs, Luminae is able to cater to them better than the MDR. If you are interested, you'll find photos of the dishes and menus at Luminae in this thread [link]. Answering your original question, in the past when I booked guaranteed, I usually got the assignment in 48 hours.
  12. Celebrity lost their minds. In my last cruise, Future Cruise Vacations on board the Millennium quoted me over $32,000 for a S2 in an itinerary I was interested in. Needless to say, I did not proceed with the reservation.
  13. Oh, I agree regarding the new mattresses. That was nice!
  14. The dining venue in question is Luminae. Our first Celebrity cruise was on the Constellation. We usually have great service while on board. It is a great ship and it will be missed in the UAE and India.
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