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  1. I'm glad you mentioned this because I was very surprised that one of the crew/staff members knew who I was while I had no idea who he was. He was one of the guys standing at the ramp where we got off the ship to enter the port at Cuba. I'm guessing he was part of the security team (?). I was heading back off the ship into Cuba by myself, after coming back aboard about an hour earlier with my family. He asked me "where's your mama and papa?" It was sort of strange because I'm a 40 year old grown woman 😂 But I was left with the impression that the crew and staff may definitely know who we are and were keeping an eye out on some of us.
  2. I forgot to ask if anyone knows the names of these guys? I'm pretty sure the chef is Paulo Gaspar Vaz?
  3. Do you happen to have the names of the maître d's? There was a really tall one I took pics with and I forgot his name...
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