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  1. Good to know, I'll keep this in mind for any future international travels
  2. This is my bucket list so far (some of my paragraphs got out of order, but I think that will only annoy me) **a 7-day to Bermuda. This will be my first one. I want to see the museums, eat the food, and interact with the locals. And, of course, visit one of the pink sand beaches. I'm not a fan of spending an entire day at a beach, so I'd just spend an hour or so just to stroll and take a break from people. Oh, and a Dolphin Encounter is number 1 on my list of experiences! **other itineraries: Alaska, and there's several different ones in Europe aside from the aforementio
  3. For those of you who have a cruise bucket list, what's on that list? Certain regions, specific ports, itineraries, etc? Why are these on your list? Does the expectation of certain activities or experiences factor into whether a certain cruise is on your list and/or how excited you are to cross it off? Of course, if you've already been cruising a while and have crossed some items off your list, please share about those too! (I haven't been on a cruise yet, but I'm hoping I will be able to cruise more than once in my lifetime; i also enjoy planning things before they even
  4. Haven't been on any cruises yet, but I'm looking forward to adding to my pressed penny collection that I started as an older kid going on school field trips. I attended two different private schools but i and the majority of my classmates were not rich and our parents had to sacrifice to some extent to send us to the school. So... My parents were able to let me go on field trips and pay for whatever required admission fee and give me money for food, but I had to buy my own souvenirs. So I rarely had much souvenir money; i wanted to get a souvenir but not the usual super cheap made
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