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  1. We're travelling in a larger group and had issues finding availability on the pre-cruise planner for specialty restaurants. Since we are a party of 9, our TA reached out to coordinate the booking since it won't do that many in the planner. Now the dining is pre-booked, but we have to call X and pay directly for it, leaving our giant sums of OBC untouched. Anyone find themselves in a similar boat? Could your OBC be used to pay instead of a CC?
  2. It has varied between the two and depends on embarkation port and the regulations at the time, it seems. I went on one sailing where they very specifically required PCR and when I showed up they told me it could have been an antigen, or that the test they were administering onsite would have been solely enough. My thought would be plan for a PCR and the time it takes to get it back. If it ends up allowing an antigen, then even better :).
  3. We utilized Camp at Sea this summer on Apex (June) and Summit (July). There are even Camp at Sea masks 🙂 (or the RCCL Kids Crab Masks as well) They did combine age groups at time for staffing needs, but yes they are fully open on all ships AFAIK.
  4. @Miaminice glad you got the opportunity. We did as well, as we were on the inaugural. Prices were too rich for our tastes given we were in Suites already. But next time an edge villa for sure 🤣
  5. Was there a post I missed on when Celebrity shifted to all fully vaccinated 12 and over starting 8/7 on all ships? They updated Healthy at Sea yesterday (8/4- https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea/us-travel-requirements) "All guests 12 years and older must be fully vaccinated with all COVID-19 vaccine doses administered at least 14 days prior to sailing." I saw on a travel site I frequent that this is now effective through at least 10/31. I also read that this is potentially only for ships that stop at USVI ports per their recent change (https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/USVI-bans-cruise-ships-unvaccinated-passengers) Someone help a girl out! Anyone traveling on Saturday or beyond get an updated notice?
  6. Yes to vaccinated, as all pax were required to be vaccinated with PCR tests within 72hrs prior to sailing. No idea on symptomatic at this time. @TenneSea seems as though they had tested early and were isolated early. Not sure what the timeline is, but my guess is that it was around the time I had tested (10:45am) as they called and pulled crew before their mid-morning shift started. I saw quarantine cabins on deck 11 but hadn’t thought much of it. Hopefully others have more details - the whispers are starting.
  7. At 4:40pm it was announced that 2 passengers sharing the same stateroom tested positive on re-entry testing. They and all of their contacts were tested again with PCR. No identified close contacts tested positive on first or second tests. The Tracelets came in handy after all. If more info comes available, I will share it here. I encourage others onboard to share any experiences they have.
  8. Hi all - letting you know that 2 passengers out of 499 have tested positive with the No close contacts, including crew, have re-tested positive with PCR. I’ll be back with more updates if there are any.
  9. I did this a month ago, the same week of sailing. No issues with dropping them from the booking. We were told we would get FCC but instead ended up with a full refund for the third guest.
  10. As of this week - Aruba and Curaco yes, Barbados no. Also no independent disembarkation with unvaccinated children under 15.
  11. @abbydancer- I’d have a booked or backup Celebrity Tour just in case things change, as we were originally told only ship tours if you want to disembark in Barbados. Things are constantly changing, and I’d hate for you to not be able to get off the ship because you had advice that was too dated. They seem to have a wide berth with private journeys if you can convince your friends to book with you.
  12. It is the Tropitini. Grey Goose Vodka, Bacardi Limon Rum, Blue curaçao, and pineapple juice.
  13. Sea Day photo dump Barbados, pool bar, cellar masters, sushi on 5, martini bar.
  14. Yesterday Barbados, today at sea. We ended up doing the catamaran with turtle stop as our ship sponsored excursion. It was an excellent choice as always even if the kids didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the water. I think I sanitized my hands no less than 8 times before I boarded the catamaran, and masks were required from stepping off the ship until onto the boat, and vis versa. You were allowed to browse the terminal shops post excursion, and if you did not have an excursion we were told that certain government taxis were available to escort you to several sites as part of retaining the idea of a bubble tour. YMMV. We did Tuscan Grill for dinner. This is the first time we’ve been in several years, and weren’t impressed. Service was fine, food was fair. The items they excelled at were great; others were so far off that I was concerned. For example, I had the lemon garlic chicken and it was sickly sweet with no discernible garlic notes. The meatballs on the other hand were fantastic, as was the lemon marscapone cheesecake. We will go again one more time, so I will have an open mind for the next visit. Hit up the spa for a massage that was pleasant but expensive. All of the spa employees are still wearing masks and I’m not sure if it is a supplier’s requirement or if they aren’t past the vaccine threshold for celebrity yet. The 3 sea days make for a pleasant journey and I’m pretty sure I could handle a B2B for next week if we weren’t already heading for another week in Florida.
  15. For any geeks who want a partial tear down photo….there’s a watch (button) battery powering a tiny circuit. My first tracelet lasted until about 9pm this evening, at which point it fell apart in the restroom while I was helping my daughter. I cleaned and returned the pieces to the front desk and got a new (and sanitized) one for myself. My second one caught the lip of the cabinet and came apart. I luckily had all the clean and dry pieces to photograph this time. If you press hard they do have a red/pink light to show they are active. I’m not the only one of my traveling party to have one fall apart. They pop together pretty easy…this doesn’t bode well for durability. In talking to guest relations they said we are still in testing mode with them and they have a giant pile they are handing back to their QA engineer that don’t work. They are not impressed but are all hoping the trial ends without full implementation. I reccomended they keep plenty of data on issues and replacement needs.
  16. A photo dump, as I go along my sea day… Bakery in Oceanview cafe, Retreat Lounge, entry to Oceanview, Pool deck in late afternoon, mast grill, camp at sea, and sunset bar
  17. It was a docs verified wristband for folks before you completed checkin. able to be removed onboard.
  18. No unvaccinated adults on board that we know of. Millennium and apex require all vaccinated 16 and up prior to 8/1, then it will be 12+. I’m working on getting pax and kid numbers - Will report back.
  19. Hi all - following up we ARE wearing them on the 7/17 cruise. All pax and crew are supposed to be. It’s not quite working. Many women are carrying them in their purses, I’ve seen crew with and without. I’m sure some men have them in pockets. Here’s a photo of what they look like. Happy to answer any questions
  20. Now for the unpleasant part of my day. I had to open a sealed envelope to find this gem. Unvaccinated Cruisers under 15 will be required to be on a curated shore excursion when going ashore. Apparently, according to Staff onboard, Celebrity slipped that one in this morning. Without notice to them or guests. Frankly, if we had known that, we may have changed our plans given the limited excursions available. We had already been annoyed that the only available choices for guests under 5 in Barbados, where a ship tour is required for all guests, was a bus tour or a beach transfer. They are bending over backwards to help us find things we’d like to do in each port and I can’t thank them enough. But this is Buyer Beware for those on the subsequent cruises — this may hold up or it may go by the wayside. Just be prepared (we expected a lot of variables…this was not one of them)
  21. Welcome to Caribbean cruising. And hello to the Tracelet! Check in was about as organized as others had described. We first stopped with bags and getting them tagged since upgrades had occurred and no tags arrived at home regardless. Then the paperwork initial check, followed by antigen test for the 3 littles, and check in at the retreat area. The actual checkin took FOREVER. They took snapshots of our passports, PCR tests, and vaccine cards along with entering in the date of our second vaccine. Then re-took our photos and finally sent us off to the ship. But first a stop at immigration to get our passports checked, then a golf cart ride to the pier where we got stopped and asked for our sea pass cards (they meant barcode or paper docs) before the whole cart could proceed, followed by a barcode check by X security, scanning of said barcodes onto the ship, and then security screening with X-rays before we could proceed (similar to port re-entry). Then a round of applause by the crew and encouragement to remove our masks if we desired. There were a giant chunk of adults in the antigen test line which left me concerned, but I was told they were a group traveling together that all had expired PCR tests. They were all given bad info and X had agreed to retest them. I’m sure we will hear more about this later from folks onboard. Loads of staff around to make you comfortable and we’ve already had great service from our Room attendant, Retreat host (butler), and many others on the ship. next up…the not so good news
  22. Most appear to be. What I will say is that each ship (and sometimes each itinerary) change the order of the menus. So we were just on apex and they have changed slightly on summit.
  23. Ours were touch and go. At this point I’m team “antigen test to fly, PCR to cruise” and I’m frustrated with Celebrity that I need to do more for this fully vaccinated cruise than folks do from Florida. I digress… We did 4 tests on Wednesday and 8 on Thursday. Almost everyone who did a Thursday test needed to get an Antigen test to be allowed to fly to SXM, because we all flew out at some point on Friday with a connection from MIA Saturday morning. Why? Because American requires the EHAS to check in, similar to a visa, and that can’t be completed until you have a PCR or Antigen result. For example, my dad got his test at 9:30am pacific Thursday at Walgreens and due to the nuances with overnighting the test to a central location, he didn’t get his results until 9pm eastern on Friday. This caused us to have to rebook his connecting flight to Miami yesterday in order to be able to fly this morning to SXM. My sister’s family didn’t get theirs until 11:30pm eastern. So, all that said….if flying begins Friday, test Weds if you are testing at Walgreens or CVS. If you are flying out on a Saturday, you’ll likely be ok. If you’ve got the bucks to shell out for a same day RT-PCR, do that instead.
  24. So — back by popular demand (or maybe not 🤪) I will be posting live and answering questions about our cruise from St. Maarten. We are on our way to Miami tonight and take the first flight out to SXM tomorrow AM. FYI for anyone flying in day prior, night before, or same day (including those on a connecting ticket, even with an overnight stop) you may be denied boarding without your EHAS approved. If you are waiting on a PCR result, I highly reccomend getting an antigen test in addition to your PCR so that getting to the island isn’t an issue. Don’t ask how we know this. If you have requests for info or photos ahead of boarding, let me know so I can prioritize.
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