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  1. Lobster/Turf is not a guarantee on Gala Nights in the MDR any longer. Our last cruise (May 2019) to the Baltic Sea - we were expecting Lobster but instead got another Shrimp choice in the MDR on the 2nd Gala night. Nothing really special in the MDR on the 1st Gala night. Expressed our disappointment to the MDR Manager - he tried to tell us that on the European cruises, they didn't serve lobster but we called him out on that since we've already done 3 different European cruises (once being Norway). I even sent a letter to the President & CEO regarding this and several other concerns, but their staff didn't address it in their response. And yes, I know I can pay extra for it in the Pinnacle, but it was a disappointment.
  2. After our last cruise, I wrote a letter to both Orlando Ashford and Stein Kruse complaining about several issues on board - one being the lack of things to do specifically on sailing days. I attached a copy of a day itinerary and marked all of the activities that had to do with upselling, which was literally 3/4 of the page. I received a reply back from the Special Advisor to the Office of the President addressing some of our issues, but her comment on that was that they offer cooking and computer classes. If they take away the Port talks - that's about the only thing that's free and worthwhile to attend. We keep saying we're done with HAL, but then we get the discounts and specials and get sucked right back in.
  3. We were told "there's a disclaimer and HAL has no responsbility".
  4. We were on the same cruise and had similar issues with the HOHO - the only response I got from HAL was "there's a disclaimer". We are very disatified with HAL and their lack of free shuttles to port town centers. Considering that most of their clientele are elderly who can't walk easily, they would make sure that shuttles are available. I shouldn't have to pay 10 Euros to get 2 miles into town - I paid enough for my cruise. Or they need to pay more for better port locations. We're going to look at other cruise lines after this cruise. Tired of all the "infomercial" daytime programs also - nothing to do on a sea day.
  5. We were just on the Baltic Sea Zuiderdam 5/29-6/10 and we didn't get Lobster on Gala night either. We were very disappointed and asked the DR Manager. His comment was flat-out lie, that they don't serve Lobster on European cruises. This was our 4th European cruise and every time we've had lobster, except for this time. I don't care if it's not the best lobster in the world, but I expect to get it.
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