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  1. We got our no for the Garden Villa on the Pearl today. Didn’t think we’d get it, but we were hopeful!
  2. Do you know if your room type showed as available or sold out?
  3. I agree, wouldn’t make financial sense. I’m still holding on to hope!
  4. When I called to ask questions about this and sold out, I was told some rooms are set aside for upgrade advantage. Not sure how true that is, or how many would be set aside.
  5. The waiting is killing me! We’re 11 days away and I have checked multiple times for the last 69 days!
  6. Keep us updated! I also have a bid on a cruise showing sold out (and pending) that sails the first week in June.
  7. I’m curious how often people are upgraded to cabin types that show sold out.
  8. I know there are a ton of these already, but i never see anyone mention this room. Has anyone ever bid on and won the 3 bedroom garden villa?
  9. So glad to read this as we will be cruising on The Pearl starting June 8th! Was getting worried with all of the negativity.
  10. I thought the same thing, but your comment seems conflicting. You say why would they do that, but that you got one?
  11. I’m hearing conflicting things about the upgrades. Our cruise looks sold out, but our bid still says pending. One NCL rep said they do hold rooms for the upgrade program, another said they don’t. Also, if they are all sold out and not awarding any more upgrades, wouldn’t they send the “no upgrade for you!” emails?
  12. If the last room in a category is claimed, or awarded a bid, do the others who lost out get notified? Will your bid still say pending even if there are no rooms of that type left?
  13. I’m curious if once a room type is sold out if your bid no longer says pending. Anyone know?
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