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  1. Thank you! I just cancelled and rebooked. Just saved $56. Wahoo!!!
  2. I'm FINALLY able to see the current prices for the excursions we pre-booked. I noticed the price of one of the excursions dropped dramatically. I used $50 OBC to purchase the excursion. If I cancel the excursion to rebook at the lower price, will I get that credit back to use again?
  3. I called RC about hearing reports of problems with the M&Ms this morning. The person I talked to said that RC has very little to do with them and that is all up to CC to put the event on and plan it. She said they couldn't even see if the minimum had been met. Someone on our roll call reported problems signing up and RC told them you register for the event once they were on board the ship. I didn't think it worked this way... But then again this will be my first time attending one of these events.
  4. WARNING: Skip comment if you don't have any interest in reading specifics about BP meds and risks of not taking them. The Cardiac ICU nurse in me cringes at this suggestion. Too often people skip their meds and over indulge on food and drink around the holidays or a special event so they can "feel normal" around friends and family. These are the people we see on my unit who may have only had hypertension, but progresses into heart failure. Please don't every suggest to skip meds to live in the moment. The cost to live in the moment can often be much higher than people realize. Our busiest weeks are right after the holidays because people skip their meds and ignore the symptoms of something wrong happening. Yep! Each of them are looking at different ways your heart/kidneys are affected by your BP and what they can tolerate. I can think of a dozen or so things that they take into account to determine what is a normal versus high BP for a patient. Depending on what their subspecialty is, and what your heart numbers are, will influence what they think your BP should be and what is considered hypertension individually for you. OP: I hope your appointment with your doctor went well and they can adjust/switch your meds accordingly. Side effects stink. The timing on this is lousy. Be patient with these adjustments. Unless the doctor tells you otherwise, I don't see any increased risk going on your cruise. Just be mindful of what you eat, drink, and do. You will have to have those same precautions regardless whether you were on or off the cruise ship. If you and your doctor feel comfortable with you going, then go and enjoy yourself.
  5. I took these screenshots from a thread a while back (not sure what thread). I can't wait to try the new mocktail combinations!
  6. I bought this purse a few months ago and love it. Not to big or small. Room for sunglasses or water bottles on the sides, the zippers can lock into place, RFID protection. You can dress either classy or casual and it looks great either way. https://www.amazon.com/Travelon-Anti-Theft-Cross-Body-Bucket-Black/dp/B00C75L4O2/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2FLZXXSJ2NUQB&keywords=travelon+anti+theft+crossbody+bag&qid=1559519020&s=gateway&sprefix=Travelo%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-3
  7. Anytime. Just make sure you practice beforehand as the pump adapters are not always the same size as the space bags. I have the Coleman pump and the fast deflate on the side can rest on top of the space bags hole I have shown here. The connection isn't the greatest as it doesn't snap into place like it would a vacuum or air mattress, but it works! There are smaller pumps than the one I have shown. Be sure to have the right power source for the pump (battery or regular wall plug). The last thing you want is to buy a pump and find out on the cruise it plus into only a cigarette lighter outlet.
  8. Would you have room for a camp air mattress pump? One ways blows in and the other sucks air out. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. In the video taken from a balcony at the front of the MSC Opera, it appears that someone quickly untied the lines of the river boat as they were rushing passengers off it at the same time.
  10. Thanks everyone for the ideas. We're in Europe for two weeks so we definitely need to do laundry at some point. I'm glad to hear that these hooks are effective to hang both clothes and a clothesline. I totally forgot about a flashlight. Added that to the random pack list. I just need to remember to not take my go to flashlight that has built in "pocket" knives (it's a camping flashlight).
  11. I've seen on other sites that some people recommend bringing magnetic hooks to hang things in the cabin. Thoughts? Is it another money waster "tip". What brand do you use? What are some other must have items for the trip? I have pens, highlights, and towel clips as just bring items.
  12. Do most of you purchase insurance immediately after booking a cruise? Is there a monthly subscription that you can get here in the states that covers all trips, you just have to notify the insurance company about your travel plans? Is there a time limit of when you can buy an insurance plan for a trip if it has been a while since you originally planned for and bought the trip? I'm just trying to understand the basics of buying travel insurance.
  13. How full is the cruise? How many people decided to cancel? Bon voyage!
  14. I just looked at my cruise planner. The bottles were 1L each. On Amazon, that same 12-1L case goes for $13.68. Not sure if the price is inflated even more sure to my cruise being a Med cruise later this summer. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  15. Do the TVs on JOTS have USB ports you can charge your phone or other devices? Using these ports is my favorite hotel hack and I'm hoping I can do it on board the ship as well. TIA
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